dmc cabinet open

9 thoughts on “dmc cabinet open

  1. Hello i just want to ask where did you buy this cabinet???i really want to have this kind of floss organizer…please let me know.


    1. Hi. I purchased this Cabinet from DMC back in 1995 I believe. They made a limited edition of about 2000 or 2500. The only way to find one is to keep your eye out on ebay or garage sales or something like that. I believe that Herschners sells a couple of different kinds of floss storage units if you want to check them out.


    2. I have this cabinet and I am willing to sell it with full threads. Original patterns for door decor were never used and are included. Located in Floral City Florida. Original cost $2200.00. Will sell for best offer. Phone: 813-215-7229. Beth Jensen


  2. Do you know how one of these could be bought. Have been looking for a cabinet that could hold each number of skeins individually. So it will be known at a glance what is at hand.


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