Mermaids · Passione Ricamo SAL

Progress on Into the Deep

100_7796I have a terrible cold and don’t feel like doing much. So I have been huddled on the couch, under a nice warm blanket, stitching as much as I can. This is my progress on my Journey Into the Deep.  My mermaid is coming to life!  I am almost finished with section 4.  In my previous post, I forgot to mention my fabric details.  I am stitching this on a hand dyed fabric by Silkweaver.  It is  Pixie Dust in 28ct Lugana.  It is full of pastel pinks, blues, yellow and greens.  Very pretty.  Well, I am off to stitch.  What are you stitching on today?

16 thoughts on “Progress on Into the Deep

  1. REally pretty progress Ginny! Your fabric looks perfect for her. Question: it almost looks like you “park” your threads as you go. How do you keep them straight?


    1. Thank you, Johanna. I’m sorry. I am not familiar with the term “park” for threads?? Are you talking about the threads that are hanging?


  2. Sorry that you’ve got a cold. Get well soon! Your progress looks great. I like how you have multiple threads going at once. Impressive! I think if I did that, it would turn into a tangled mess.


    1. Thanks for the well wishes, Fawn. I am making progress. Don’t be fooled by the multiple threads. I have just learned that it is called parking the threads. I know that they will be continued on in the next section of the pattern, so I just decided to leave them. I hate starting and ending my threads. And there are not too many, so no tangles 🙂 I typically don’t stitch like this, but because this was a mystery SAL, the pattern is broke into sections and with just a few stitches to the edge, I knew it would be continued into the next section.


  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, but glad you have stitching to keep you company. Your mermaid is looking beautiful!
    I’m stitching on a beautiful snowy owl design at the moment. 🙂


    1. I’m feeling a tiny bit better. My cross stitch has been keeping me great company, in between the tissues. I will have to go check out your snowy owl. Thanks for visiting.


    1. I am feeling a little better today, thank you. I guess I have to get back to normal house stuff and not sit and stitch all day. I did make great progress on her, though. The fishes are cute, aren’t they? And the sea horses are adorable!


      1. I especially love the seahorses, they are one of my favourite sea creatures. Its difficult to get into that mindframe when you are unwell, it is probably doing you good though having a rest and doing something you enjoy so I wouldnt be too hard on yourself 🙂


    1. Thank you, Angela. I am feeling a little better today, so I guess that means I don’t get to just sit and stitch anymore 😦 I did get quite a bit done on her the last couple of days though.


    1. Thank you, Dani. I am getting better every day. I am already missing stitching on her today. But I guess I have to return to some kind of normalcy.


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