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Craft and Stay Calm

Hello my blogging friends.  With the Corona Virus news everywhere, it is hard to not wonder and worry.  So I craft and try not to think about it too much.  I do hope that you are safe and healthy where you are.

I have gotten out of the habit of getting on my computer and checking my mail and blogs on a daily basis and I do miss it.  Can you believe that it is already about mid March?  The year is flying by so quickly.  One thing I am glad of is that Spring will be here soon.  We have been flirting with 40’s and 50’s, but I am looking forward to the grass turning green, trees and shrubs budding and flowers breaking through the softening soil.

So, what have I been up to?  Well, I finished the Rainbow of Hope Advent shawl.

Rainbow of Hope shawl finished

Rainbow of Hope shawl finish

It still needs blocking,  but it is finished.  It is so beautiful.  AJ Wools did an awesome job with this Advent shawl.  I am proud of myself for keeping up with it and finishing it on February 2.  Another finish for 2020 😉

Remember the Travel shawl I was working on?  I finally finished that one, too!

Travel Shawl

travel shawl finished

I used the Rainbow Shawl pattern from Katia, but I am not as thrilled with this one.  I had trouble trying to figure out how to wear it.  Lots of fabric at the back of my neck which I don’t like.  But I love the colors and it is so soft.  I used Knit One, Crochet Two Kettle Tweed in color Winter Blossom.  I started this project in October 2018 and finished it March 1, 2020.  So happy to have this one off of my needles.

I picked up a framing from the framer on February 15. Here is Wherefore Art Thou by Nora Corbett.

Wherefore Art Thou framed

She turned out so beautifully!  While this piece is not one of  my very  favorites that I have stitched, she is one of my favorite framings.  Because of the large bead in the middle, it had to be framed almost like a shadow box.  Juanita from Way Cool Mats did an awesome job, as usual.  I just love it so much.  I did find out a few days later that Juanita will be retiring from framing in May.  I have no idea where I will take my stitchings to be framed in the future.  She has framed just about all of my pieces for the last 25 years.  I wish her well, but I will sure miss her.

That brings us to my current projects.  I pulled out Aquamarina on January 17 and have been working on her as much as I can. I am stitching on 16ct Aida one of a kind fabric from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics.

Aquamarina in progress

I have been loving stitching on her.  Her tail is massive and I didn’t think I would ever get through it.  But I did, and here is where I am at with her today.

Aquamarina progress 1

Her colors are much brighter than my photo.  Not sure why they look like that.  The photo on my camera is much brighter.  Anway, I am hoping to finish her in time to get her to the framer before she retires.  I would love for this one to be framed by her.

I am also working on a new knitting project.  I know, I am on a stash diet.  But I have a good reason for buying this yarn and starting this project.  It is a baby blanket for someone special.   And since she may just see this post, I have to turn it black and white. But believe me, the yarn is gorgeous!!  It is from AJHC Wools and it is not your traditional baby color 😉

Baby Fallon blanket black and white

I will show more of this one later.

I received my February Project Bag and it is so pretty and already filled with a future project.

February Project Bag front

I think this is my favorite bag so far.  It is pink 😉  And here is the back.

February Project Back

Febrruary Project bag filled

I am anxiously awaiting my March bag which I am sure will arrive any day now.  I will be sure to share in my next post.

So…that is what I have been up to.  And what I am doing to take my mind off of what it is out there in the world.  What are you doing to keep yourself busy?

19 thoughts on “Craft and Stay Calm

  1. Crafting is such a sanity saver, Ginny! I love your finishes. I hope you find someone just as good at framing as Juanita is. (Maybe you can ask her to recommend someone? 🙂 ) Your project bags are gorgeous as ever, and you’ve got me looking forward to the March one too. Wishing you excellent progress on your current projects! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Anita. Crafting really is a lifesaver in so many situations including what we are all going through right now. Right now there are no recommendations for a new framer. But I will be on the hunt. I am looking forward to getting my March bag and will share it as soon as it arrives. I hope you are finding much happiness with your crafting, too.

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  2. Indeed, the virus news is overwhelming. That is why it is so good to see a post from you to take our minds off all of it.
    I love the mermaid, that tail is amazing. Well done on all the finished knitted projects as well. They look lovely, and warm too.
    The new knitting project looks interesting, and I see even your skein holder has mermaids on. How sweet.
    I love those project bags, they keep getting prettier with each new one.
    I shall keep my fingers crossed you find another good framer, your projects always looks so stunning when done.
    I am of course still working, in South Africa we have had minimal reports as yet. We are working very hard to ensure that our University classes are able to go “online” should we reach that stage.
    You take care there and keep crafting, we will get through this as well.
    Hugs. xx


    1. Thank you, Joey. We will get through this. Hoping that all the experts can get us through quickly. My yarn huggie does have mermaids on it. I purchased it on Etsy from The Fireweed Studio. She has really cute yarn huggies, bags and stitch markers and fun stuff for knitters 😉 I am expecting a new bag from her soon, too. And yes, it does have mermaids on it 🙂 Finding a new framer is going to be hard. Juanita has set the bar very high. There are framers around, but framing a photograph is so different than framing a cross stitch. You stay safe and healthy as well and keep crafting 🙂

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  3. Wherefore Art Thou is beautiful, and love Aquamarina.
    I see another beautiful Mermaid in your project bag awaiting!
    The stores here are crazy with people,, we don’t really need anything, so we will stay away from them.
    I am working on a St, Pat’s freebie from Danybrod.


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. There is a mermaid in my bag for a future project. She is just gorgeous and I can’t wait to get stitching on her. But I am still sticking to trying to finish WIP’s before starting anything new.

      We are ok with food supply for now. I am hoping by the time we do need to get to the store, that the craziness will have calmed down and we are able to get what we need. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy your stitching 🙂


  4. All your projects are amazing.
    That bag is pretty and handy.
    Your ‘Wherefore Art Thou’ is absolutely magnificent. The frame compliments it perfectly.


  5. hello lovely! I am actually looking forward to a bit of isolation if that is what happens; it’s been very loud here at work & with mum moving closer to heaven there’s been times I’ve found work very, very irritating. We have 8 confirmed cases but we’re a small country & people tend to travel and experience things. Two cases are from the same concert.


    1. Hi Paula. I don’t mind being at home at all. I have plenty of things to keep me busy. Hubby is working from home, so that is a bit of an adjustment. But we are thinking this will be our new normal for a while. We have 54 confirmed in our state, where 5 days ago we had 2. So I stay home and craft 😉 Take care and stay healthy and craft away the worries 😉


  6. I love your positivity- just what I needed to read today. The rainbow shawl is really pretty and oh wow your cross stitch is gorgeous, both the one you are working on and the new one. You are good. Stay well, x


    1. Thank you, Nanacathy2. I can’t say that I haven’t had a meltdown or 2, but I am trying to be positive and remain home and keep busy. When I have to go out is when I get really stressed. I am hoping to have an update soon on my projects. I will say I am getting closer to putting beads on my current cross stitch 😉 You take care, stay busy and safe and healthy (((Hugs)))


  7. Ginny,
    I was browsing the internet and found your blog a couple of weeks ago. I think your craft is amazing, and you’re so versatile! I’m love your choices of fabrics and designs. I’m a big follower of Nora Corbett and Passione Ricamo. Your crosstitching really do them justice. I’m looking forward your next endeavors. Stay positive and keep crafting!


    1. Yokast M Ovalle, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. It brings me joy to know that my blog brings a little joy to others ❤ I am hoping to get a new post up soon so you can see what I have been up to during these last few weeks of the stay at home order. Be safe and stay healthy.


  8. Beautiful shawls! You’ve definitely kept yourself busy! The stitching is gorgeous too! I’m stitching and sewing as well to pass the time.


    1. Thank you, Christina. Thank goodness for are crafting hobbies to keep us busy especially during this time. I am back to working on the Wingspan and just maybe I can actually make some progress on it this go around. Be safe and stay healthy 🙂


  9. My stitching has sadly been going and coming so I haven’t done much work, though my week away from work did help to just stay and home and forget about everything going on in the world. hope you keep going with your conquering of projects.


    1. I just visited your blog, Ivydade234. I do hope that you can find more time to stitch and take your mind off of what is going on in the world right now. I am still trying to get my crafty time in, though I will admit that a lot of my time is spent not doing much. Mostly because I feel like I should be doing something else, or I can’t decide what to do so I do nothing. I have decided to tackle one thing at a time, and what gets done in a day is good and what doesn’t, will get done another day. Be safe and stay healthy.

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      1. That really does sound like a good way of doing things. I have really gotten back into my stitching and have really just been working and stitching so housework really hasn’t happened. Luckily I’m with someone that doesn’t mind a kitchen full of dirty dishes.

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