November Pillow

I stitched my November Pillow over the weekend.  It turned out pretty cute and was a pretty quick  stitch.

I am so proud of myself for stitching this up before picking up August Fairy again.  If I can get the December pillow stitched before December, I will really be doing great.  I already have Jan., Feb., and March stitched.  I will show those each month when I pull them out.   Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.

6 thoughts on “November Pillow

  1. Ginny, the pillow is adorable! I’ve been so slack in my posting as well as my blog reading lately…hopefully I can get caught up with everyone and everything again, and soon! Keep up the great stitches!


    1. Thanks, Sue. I totally understand how that happens. Life gets in the way of our best laid out plans. It’s ok. We do what we can when we can and that is how it is. Hope all is well and that you are getting good stitching time in. Hugs.


    1. Thanks, Johanna. I didn’t have to do any sewing. The sham comes all ready to be stitched on. Once I was done stitching the pattern on the upper part of the sham, I inserted the pillow and tied the bow. Easy, Peasy. My sewing machine has made it out of the box and on to the table, but is still taped up safe in side the styrofoam packing. Will get it to it one day. Hehe


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