New stash!

What do you think?

So I went to my LNS this past weekend for some retail therapy.  I had wanted to pick up a few patterns for some up-coming round robins and a couple of other patterns I have been wanting.  The 2 new fairies from Nora Corbett were not in and neither was the new Santa.   So here is what I did pick up:

Donner, to add to my Reindeer collection-I think I have 5 now.  Lady Alexandra and 16 count “Dirty Aida” to do her on.  I also picked up the fabric for Spring Angel.  I already had the pattern in my collection and was inspired to get her going by Catherine.  You can see her Spring start here. So I went to work on deciding on a fabric.  I really wanted a hand dyed since I see them all over the blog world and they are gorgeous.  But there were only 2 in 16 ct. aida that would be a possibility, but no-go.  So I finally decided on  Sea Spray 16 ct. aida which is actually  little brighter blue than how it looks in the photo  above.  But when I left the store, I started second guessing myself and thought I should have gone with what the pattern called for, Twilight Blue, which is what I did my Summer Angel in. So what do you think?  Sea Spray or Twilight Blue?  Decisions, decisions…I have time as I probably won’t start her right away.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you would choose.  Also, is there anyone else out there that uses 16 ct. aida??

Mirabilia Round Robin

Another Round Robin Finish

I finished my block on Catherine’s Round Robin last week.  Her theme is Roses and I stitched Damask Roses.  Here is my block:

Here is the finished piece.

My lady is quite large compared to the other ladies, but I think she turned out pretty good.  I also stitched the rose in the triangle below my block.  This is a very well laid out piece.  Catherine did a lot of work stitching all of her blocks and I can’t wait to see this piece finished at the end of the year.


The Kiss

Good morning.  Before I get started on my stitching for today, I thought I would share another Mirabilia piece with you.

This one is titled “The Kiss”.  I stitched this one up in 1997 on 16 count Aida.  Not sure of the color of the cloth-a peachy color-but it is very pretty.  I added little Bee charms in the corner as per the pattern and thought this was a nice added touch. This piece hangs in my bedroom so I can admire it every day.  It is a favorite.


Summer Queen

It looks like a beautiful summer day looking out the window.  The weather channel says it’s going to be up around 66 degrees.  Though that is not summer, I will take it and share with you Summer Queen.

This is Mirabilia’s Summer Queen and she is quite fabulous!  I love the colors and the bead drapes.  She is stitched on 16 count white Aida.  I stitched her up in 1998 and she hangs in my upstairs hallway with Spring and Autumn Queens.


Spring Queen

Wouldn’t you just love to sit around in a big fancy dress and cross stitch all day?  That would be the life, huh?  This is Mirabilia’s Spring Queen.  She is stitched on 16 count white Aida. I stitched her up in 1998 and she hangs in my upstairs hallway.  So lovely.  Here is a close up of some of the beautiful beading.


Autumn Queen

It feels like a blustery fall day today, so I thought I would share my Autumn Queen with you.

She is a Mirabilia pattern and she is quite regal.  I love the blues and the purples and the beading is in the perfect places.  I love the snood her hair is in.  I stitched her up in 2000 on 16 count White Aida.  I am not a big fan of matts, but the Queens seem to need it as their dresses are cut across the bottom into a straight edge.

You can see all of Nora Corbett’s Mirabilia designs here. I see that yesterday, April 15, 2012, Wichelt released a new Mirabilia entitled “Santa”.  I have never stitched a Santa.  I think this one has just been added to my list of “have to stitch”.  He is a jolly Santa.  Go check it out by clicking on the Mirabilia link above.  Let me know what you think about him.