Mirabilia Round Robin

Another Round Robin Finish

I finished my block on Catherine’s Round Robin last week.  Her theme is Roses and I stitched Damask Roses.  Here is my block:

Here is the finished piece.

My lady is quite large compared to the other ladies, but I think she turned out pretty good.  I also stitched the rose in the triangle below my block.  This is a very well laid out piece.  Catherine did a lot of work stitching all of her blocks and I can’t wait to see this piece finished at the end of the year.

6 thoughts on “Another Round Robin Finish

  1. Ginny, your RR piece looks great. I imagine that this shape was not easy to stitch in. I really do love the layout. Since we are both new to this RR stuff, I hope to join another one in the future and put some extra thought into a layout that has more “style” than the one I am doing this time. I am really thinking about doing a Joan Elliott one next. There are quite a few of her designs that I have been eyeing. Congrats on the speedy finish!


    1. Thanks, Linda. You nave been very busy with other things…like a move! That’s huge. I know you will settle down and stitch Sophia’s in no time.


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