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Teaching Hubby to cross stitch

Good morning on this last day of 2012.  Hubby and I went to Joanne’s yesterday so that I could pick up some floss for some new project starts.  Here is what I bought:

My new stuffLots of floss for Emerald Mermaid and my Pixie afghan.  A new scroll frame because all of mine are so stripped they won’t get tight for me anymore.  And I did not expect to see the new issue of Cross Stitch Collection in but was so excited to see it I grabbed it right up.  Now I have all 6 of Joan Elliott’s Flower fairies.  Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. So hubby bought me lots of nice stitchy stuff.  And…get this….He decided that he wants to learn to cross stitch.  Yep!  All of a sudden, out of the blue.  So here is his new stash:

Banders stashHe decided to start with a bookmark and he found a cute little dragon that he wanted to stitch.  I promised him a Heaven and Earth designed bookmark a few months ago.  I wanted to try a HAED and a good stitching friend suggested I try a bookmark to see if I like stitching over one.  So Hubby picked out a pattern and I have started it.  About 12 stitches.  Hehe.  It is on my list of things to finish for 2013.  Anyway, I think he is tired of waiting and decided to do one himself.  So, he wound all of his floss, I set him up with a box, needle, highlighter, pattern and got him started.  So here he is working on his second cross stitch-I say second because I did teach him years ago and he didn’t like it.

Bander cross stitching

He is doing really good.  He says he can’t watch tv and stitch.  I’m sure he will get the hang of that if he continues on.  Here is his progress so far:

Bandes progress

I think he is doing great.  I can see us…sitting in our side by side recliners, stitching the nights away.  Ahhhh, peaceful.

Since this is my last post of 2012, I want to thank you for visiting me this year to see what I have been up to.  May the New Year bring you Health, Happiness and Love.



Switching Stitches

Since finishing August Fairy I have been undecided as to what cross stitch project  to start next.  I have several ideas in my head, just haven’t landed on any particular one yet.  So, I am switching over to  a knitting project.  Yep, Started a scarf for a Christmas gift the other night.  I am using one of those fun, scarf yarns.

scarf yarnI picked this up at Joanne’s the other night as it will go perfectly with the recipient’s coat. Here is the start:

Red Starbella Scarf in progressDon’t you just love all the bouncy, flowy, lacey,  layers?  It looks heavenly.  It is a bit of a pain to have to stop and pull apart the yarn in order to knit in the loops, but it goes pretty quickly.  here is the finished scarf:

Finished Red scarf

I love how it turned out.  It will match my coat perfectly too, hmmmm….No, it is a gift.  Here is the one I am making for myself now:

black and white scarf

This one uses a yarn I picked up at a yarn shop last year, called Marina by Rozzetti.  Same concept as the Red yarn above, just a little different feel.  This will look stunning with my red coat.  Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.  What are you up to?

My nails

My Holiday Manicure

I went and had my nails done yesterday.  I finally found one of the German polishes that I had been wanting so that is what I had put on my nails.

Every month is Oktoberfest nails snowflake on nailEvery Month is Oktoberfest is the name of the polish.  And Nickie added a little snowflake art to both of my ring fingers and topped them off with a little Creative Nail Disco Ball. Thanks Nickie.   Love it!  Come back later for a stiching share.


Kudos to the Rocking Horse!

I put my August Fairy in for framing on Monday.  Last night when I returned home from shopping, I had a message on my machine that my framing was ready!  Wow!  1 day; Amazing!  So today I went and picked her up.  Here she is:

August Fairy FramedOh my gosh, she looks amazing.  And the frame that I picked is perfect for her.  The Rocking Horse did an amazing job and so fast that my head is spinning.  Now I just have to find a box to put it in for my Mom for Christmas.  She is going to be so surprised.  Now to figure out what my next project will be…..

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August Fairy is finished and off to the Framer!

Hello.  I finally finished August Fairy this morning.  Early this morning.  I put the last bead on at 1:15 am, this morning.  This, after stitching for about 15 hours on Sunday.  Here she is:

august fairy finished

She is stitched on 16 ct Aida, Milk Chocolate.  I think she turned out beautiful and I hope that my Mom likes her.  I called the Rocking Horse on Sat. and they said that if I brought my piece in on Monday, they could frame it in time for Christmas.  So that is why I stitched until my eyes crossed all day on Sunday.  Here is a close up of her sweet face:

close up of head of August Fairy

She is a beauty.  Thank you Nora Corbett for such a beautiful design.  So off to the Rocking Horse I went to put her in for framing.  Here is the frame I chose for her:

Frame I chose for August FairyI liked the swirly pattern that matches her beaded wisps.  And there is a hint of red here and there that really brings out the beads on and around her head.  I can’t wait to get her back later this week.  Here is another look at the gorgeous frame:

close up of frame for August Fairy

I will be sure to post her once I get her back from the framer.

Did you happen to notice that it is snowing on my fairy?  Scroll up and watch a second….see it?  Isn’t that cool?  I can’t take credit for that.  WordPress allowed me to add that to my blog  for a while.  So for now it will snow on August Fairy. Thank you for stopping by my place to see what I have been up to.