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Emerald Mermaid Progress

Yesterday I celebrated my 49th birthday!  Wow, where does the time go?  I celebrated by stitching all day in my jammies 🙂  Here is what I worked on:

Progress on Emerald Mermaid

I know it doesn’t look like much, but I did a lot of confetti stitching yesterday.  Once I finish a bit more greenery, I can move on to adding to her tail.   Here is another photo along with the pattern of how she will look when I am finished; I am stitching her sideways as she is wider than my scroll frame.

Emerald Mermaid progress

I am stitching her on 16 ct Feather Blue Aida.  And I have to tell you that I have had a time with this fabric.  On the back along the bottom rod, I got this stain.  WTH? I’m thinking I must have picked her up one day to put a few stitches in while wearing my black jeans. Some of the dye must have rubbed onto the fabric while on my lap.  I’ve washed those jeans about 7 or 8 times now and the dye still seems to be coming off.  So, I took her off the scroll, washed mainly the bottom half and removed the stain.  The next morning I could see water lines where I only washed up to!  AAAACk!  So I ended up having to wash her 2 more times.  Yesterday morning she looked good as new and I was able to continue stitching on her.  I thought I was going to have to pitch her and start over.  I already had a new fabric picked out for her, too.  I will keep that fabric in mind for a future mermaid.  I would love to get this one finished in about a month.  The word out in the blogging world  is that Nora Corbett is releasing a new mermaid on February 15 and I would love to be able to have Emerald finished before I start a new mermaid.  I doubt that I can finish her in a month as I am not that fast of a stitcher, but it is good to have goals, right?

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I Love Getting Mail!

Look what arrived in my mailbox yesterday:

Sailor's Delight fabric by StephanieThis luscious,  hand dyed fabric from Hand  Dyed Fabrics  by Stephanie. It’s called Sailor’s Delight and it is 16 ct Aida.  I LOVE the colors!  I joined her Fabric of the Month Club and this is January piece.  She is currently dying a piece of Sky & Grass that I will be using to stitch Roses of Provence on and can’t wait to get it next week.  Her fabrics are so beautiful and my wish list from her is getting longer and longer every time I see something stitched on one.  And I love it that she is located in Michigan as I am.  Click on the link and check out her lovely hand dyes.  From there you can check out her facebook page and see what people are stitching on her fabulous fabbies!

I also received this:

2010 Keepsake Calendar

I purchased this on ebay after trying to find it in stores and couldn’t.  It contains a pattern by Nora Corbett that I have seen many times over the last few months and when I first saw it, I fell in love with it.

Snow QueenSnow Queen.  Me being a snowman lover, I just had to have it.  She is just beautiful and the pattern will be added to my “stash of things to do”.  Of course I have to find the perfect fabric for her and it just might be a hand dyed by Stephanie! I already have something in mind…


New Yarn!

Good morning.  Remember the scarves I made for the gals in my eye doctor’s office? Well look at what I received in the mail yesterday from those sweet ladies.

Yarn Gift

They sent me these beautiful yarns!  Beautiful colors. I can’t wait to make a scarf with each of these.  Just look at those luscious colors!

luscious yarns

I can’t even pick a favorite.  They are all beautiful and I know they will all knit up nicely.  Thanks ladies!  I Love it!

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Some New Goodies!

I received a call from my LNS that some things I ordered were in.  So off I went and here is what I picked up:


The new Mirabilia, Roses of Provence, her bead pack and White Chocolate 16ct Aida.  Since ordering this I have decided to stitch her on Stephanie’s Sky & Grass which she is currently dying for me.  Can’t wait to get it and start this. I also decided to do Country Cottage Needleworks Santa’s Village.  I am going to do them all on one piece and had to order the fabric.  I will be stitching it up on 16 ct Aida Lambswool. I also had to have Winter Snow, also by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I just love the colors in this and the Santa Village series.  After looking on their website, there is a lot on there I like.  Who would have thought, as I am not a country person.  But I think a lot of their things look vintage and I do like that.   There is also some peppermint striped fabric for some ornaments that I want to stitch and a snowflake bell pull for a future snowman project.  I had to pick up 2 new bookmarks for hubby as he is on his 2nd one and I think maybe he is liking this stitching stuff.  I also ordered the last 2 Mirabilia Reindeer I need for my afghan-Prancer and Rudolph.  I hope to start this one some time this year.  So that was my fun shopping trip today.  I will share my progress on Emerald Mermaid this week.  I had to do a bit of frogging last night and was not happy as I don’t have a lot done and don’t need to be frogging so early on! So now I hope that the frogs have hopped on and I can continue without any trouble.


Pretty Scarves

Here is what I have been up to the last 5 days:


I knitted a scarf a day for the ladies that work at my Eye Doctor’s office.


I took them into the office this morning when I went in for my field vision test (which I passed, Yeah!!).  They loved them and there wasn’t too much squabbling about who should get what color.  And of course I had to add my own personal hand stamped tag.  On the back I wrote the washing instructions.


Last night I was so happy to get back to my cross stitching.  I was able to put  a few stitches into Emerald Mermaid.  Not enough to show a picture, though.  Hopefully next week I can show a lot of progress on her.


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Welcome 2013!

I welcomed in 2013 by starting Emerald Mermaid at the stroke of midnight (after kissing hubby).  Unfortunately I haven’t added very many stitches since.  Here is my start:

Emerald Mermaid start

Not much of a start, but she is on my list to finish this year.  More about my list in a bit. My hubby did have a finish already this year!  He finished his 1st cross stitch project the other night and it turned out awesome!

Banders finished bookmark

He has already picked out the pattern for his next one.  I think he may be liking this??  He wants to make more bookmarks and give them to the elementary school. What a sweetie.

I have put my January pillow in my rocking chair.  Cute little snowmen  on this one:

January pillowI never did get to the December pillow.  I should add that to my list of things to stitch. But I think I am good for the next few months!  I know that I have February and March completed.

Now on to my list.  Here is a list of cross stitch projects that I would like to do this year.  I know that it may be a little outrageous and unobtainable.  But that’s ok.  These are the things that I “would like to stitch” this year.   Her is my list:

1.  Autumn Seasonal Snowman (need to finish)

2.  Angel of Grace (need to finish)

3.  Butterfly Table Topper (need to finish)

4. Mirabilia’s  Emerald Mermaid

5. Mirabilia’s  Roses of Provence

6.  Nora Corbett’s  letters J O Y

7.  Stoney Creek Seasons Banner:  Summer

8.  Heaven and Earth’s Gossamer Princess bookmark (need to finish)

9.  Pixie afghan

10.  Reindeer afghan

11.  Nora Corbett’s Winter Fairy

12.  Joan Elliott Round Robin

13.  Marbek Nativity

14.  A Joan Elliott Flower Fairy

15.  Pillows of the month (April, May, June, July, August, September and December)

So that is my list.  I hope to do some smaller projects in between these larger ones.  And if I see any new patterns during the year that I just have to have, I may add them to the list also.  Because you know that designers are always coming out with new things that I just can’t live without.  So, I will keep you posted on my progress during the year.  What is on your stitching list this year?