cross stitched quilt

A Quilt From The Past

I was reminded of this quilt by a stitchy friend last week:

Disney quilt

I made this quilt back in 1996 when I was pregnant with my youngest son.  I had found a few Disney cross stitch patterns, but not enough to make the quilt.  So I turned to coloring books, magazine pictures and book covers to make my own patterns.  I used a product called Graph X to overlay a grid onto my picture and copied it.  Here is some of my workings out on paper.

working pics for quiltIt’s neat to look back and see what I did way back then, before all of the technology of today.  I’m not sure I would put so much work into a project today, but I wanted a quilt to match the mint green pattern of a Disney bedroom set that was being phased out at the time.  I think I was able to get everything except a quilt, so I made my own.  I was reminded of this quilt last week when a sweet stitchy friend sent me a graphed out pattern of Agnes, from Despicable Me.  I asked how she did it and she told me Pic 2 Pat. It is a website that will turn just about any picture into a cross stitch pattern, complete with color legend.  AWESOME!!!  I have been looking for Princess Tiana cross stitch kits and have been unsuccessful, so this is my next best thing.  Now to find the perfect pictured of Princess Tiana to put into an afghan.  Here are some close-ups of a couple of the patterns I designed from a coloring book picture,  magazine picture, or  book cover.



pluto with ball

This was a very loved quilt by my youngest and has been patched in a few places and the fabric is wearing thin on the back.  But it is a nice keepsake for him when he has his own children some day.  If you have stitched a pattern from Pic 2 Pat, let me know how you liked it.