Fabric · New stash!


I have to share some new stitchy stuff I received in the mail today:

Mermaid stash and fabric

Stitches N Things called me yesterday to say that all of beads, treasures, pattern and fabric were in.  They mailed and I received today!  They are so good to me 🙂  The pattern is Siren and the Shipwreck by Mirabilia and I will tell you that I just want to get started on her right now!  But I can’t.  I have to finish Emerald and then I have to get my next Round Robin going.  More about that in a minute.  The fabric above is Sea Lily in 16ct Aida.  Since I have not been having a lot of luck with the hand dyed fabrics, I have decided to stick with the solid Aida for Siren.  I may change my mind by the time I get ready to start stitching her, but for now that is the plan .  There are some other pretty beads that the pattern calls for, but they are already in my stash.

Here is what I received in the mail onMonday:

New fabric from Stephanie

Four hand dyed fabrics from Stephanie. Top left is Iris, next to that is Bliss.  On the bottom left is Brigid, and next to that is Twixt N Tween.  All are 16 ct Aida except the Twixt N Tween which is 28ct Lugana.  I am torn with this shipment.  Iris and Brigid dyed pretty close to what her website shows.  But Bliss is pretty much a pink fabric with very little other coloring.  I thought it would be more on the blue side with a little pink.  The most disappointing however, is the Twixt N Tween.  I purchased this in 28ct Lugana, and 26 x 36  for an upcoming Joan Elliott Round Robin that I will be participating in.  My theme is Asian and I chose Twixt N Tween because on the website it is more orangy/brownish in color.  I even viewed a few of the Geisha’s that  I want  stitched,  in the fabric viewer and they look awesome with the orangy fabric.  Perfect for Asian.  And the Black lettering and outlining of my boxes would look awesome on it.  But I don’t know if you can tell from the photo above, the fabric is mainly pink and gray.  Totally not what I wanted for my Round Robin.  So I haven’t decided what I am going to do at this point.  It is a pretty fabric, but not what I was expecting.  So…I have some decisions to make.  In the mean time, I have to finish Emerald.  I am getting close to finishing the stitching.  Come back tomorrow for a progress photo.  Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.


Attack of the Frog!

First I have to share my progress on Emerald Mermaid and then I will explain my title.  So here is where I am on Emerald since starting her on January 1, 2013:

progress on Emerald Mermaid 1

She is coming along beautifully.  I love all of the colors in her.  But this piece sure has had some challenges.  Mainly the fabric.  Here is my latest mishap with the fabric:

Attack of the frog!

Do you see that hole to the right of the frog?  Yep, the frog did it!  He is my magnet that holds my needle when I am not using it.  When I scrolled up my fabric last week to continue stitching, I forgot to move him and yes…I rolled right over him and he poked a hole right in the fabric 😦  I will take some matching thread and do some whip stitching over it and hope that it will be ok.  I think it is far enough to the right that it will be hidden behind the frame.  I want to have her framed the same exact size as Mediterranean Mermaid, but if I have to go a little smaller to hide my mistake, I will.  So, I had a visit from a frog of a different kind.  I didn’t have to tear out stitches, but I  did get a tear in my fabric.  For some reason, I am not sure I was meant  to do Emerald on this fabric.  I probably should have gone with a beautiful Hand dyed piece from Stephanie, but this is the fabric that I had originally purchased for her so I wanted to use it up.  Let’ s  see if I can get to the end without any more mishaps 🙂  Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.


Mermaid has a tail!

Time for an update on Emerald Mermaid’s progress.  I’m not as far along on her as I want to be after starting her one month ago, but at least the end of her tail is done.

Emerald Mermaid progress 2

Well, just about.  I will go back and add the beads when I am finished stitching.  But for now, she has a tail.  I love how she is turning out.  Hopefully I can put more stitches into her over the weekend.

My nails

Sandy Nails

This morning I had my every other week manicure and I tried something new and fabulous!

liquid sand nails

This is Mariah Carey’s Liquid Sand polish by OPI.  This one is called “Can’t Let Go”. It is a matte finish polish, so no top coat. But there is a lot of  glitter in it to make up for shine.   And it feels kind of gritty, like sand. I think it’s pretty cool and I love the purple color.  There are 3 other colors in the line that I will have to try in the future.  Here is another photo:

liquid nails 2

I hope you can tell how neat looking this kind of polish is from my photo.  It’s very different but I love it!