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Sandy Nails

This morning I had my every other week manicure and I tried something new and fabulous!

liquid sand nails

This is Mariah Carey’s Liquid Sand polish by OPI.  This one is called “Can’t Let Go”. It is a matte finish polish, so no top coat. But there is a lot of  glitter in it to make up for shine.   And it feels kind of gritty, like sand. I think it’s pretty cool and I love the purple color.  There are 3 other colors in the line that I will have to try in the future.  Here is another photo:

liquid nails 2

I hope you can tell how neat looking this kind of polish is from my photo.  It’s very different but I love it!

12 thoughts on “Sandy Nails

    1. It is really cool. I keep feeling them as they are so different than the smooth shiny finishes that I usually get. Not sure if they are named after songs as I don’t recognize the names, but that makes sense. The others are “Get the Number”, “The Impossible” and “Stay the Night”. Very cool colors.


  1. I saw the ad for this at Ulta, but I was a little scared to commit to it. Do you think it is worth buying? I`ve got a lot of nail polishes, and I`m just not convinced this one is so different. Does it apply easily and smoothly? There`s nothing I hate more than bringing home a pretty nail polish that goes on gloppy and ruins my manicure. Is the finish basically just glitter on top of a matte nail polish, or is there more texture to it than that? Please, tell me more!


    1. I think it is definitely worth buying and I will be picking some up on my next trip to Ulta. It went on very nice and smooth. No clumps. Whilenit is wet, it does look shiny, but as it dries, it dries to a matte finish. It actually looks and feels like sand. The glitter is in the polish and really sparkles. I am really liking this polish and if you are looking for something different, this is different. Hope this helps.


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