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Emerald Mermaid Progress

Yesterday I celebrated my 49th birthday!  Wow, where does the time go?  I celebrated by stitching all day in my jammies 🙂  Here is what I worked on:

Progress on Emerald Mermaid

I know it doesn’t look like much, but I did a lot of confetti stitching yesterday.  Once I finish a bit more greenery, I can move on to adding to her tail.   Here is another photo along with the pattern of how she will look when I am finished; I am stitching her sideways as she is wider than my scroll frame.

Emerald Mermaid progress

I am stitching her on 16 ct Feather Blue Aida.  And I have to tell you that I have had a time with this fabric.  On the back along the bottom rod, I got this stain.  WTH? I’m thinking I must have picked her up one day to put a few stitches in while wearing my black jeans. Some of the dye must have rubbed onto the fabric while on my lap.  I’ve washed those jeans about 7 or 8 times now and the dye still seems to be coming off.  So, I took her off the scroll, washed mainly the bottom half and removed the stain.  The next morning I could see water lines where I only washed up to!  AAAACk!  So I ended up having to wash her 2 more times.  Yesterday morning she looked good as new and I was able to continue stitching on her.  I thought I was going to have to pitch her and start over.  I already had a new fabric picked out for her, too.  I will keep that fabric in mind for a future mermaid.  I would love to get this one finished in about a month.  The word out in the blogging world  is that Nora Corbett is releasing a new mermaid on February 15 and I would love to be able to have Emerald finished before I start a new mermaid.  I doubt that I can finish her in a month as I am not that fast of a stitcher, but it is good to have goals, right?

10 thoughts on “Emerald Mermaid Progress

  1. The newest mermaid is going to be a-MAZ-ing ~ that gorgeous TAIL!! Glad you were able to save your material so it wasn’t a total ‘wash-out’! LOL


    1. Thanks, Lori. You just have to love Mermaid tail, huh? I am so happy to be able to continue stitching and not have to start her over. When she is finished I can get her framed and then be able to hang her and Mediterranean Mermaid on each side of Enchanted Mermaid. Can’t wait!


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