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My DIY Centerpiece

Hello blogging friends. Do you make your own Christmas decorations? I have made little things and of course my cross stitch ornaments. I have made quilted tree skirts and glitter ornaments. But this last Christmas I decided to try to make a centerpiece for my coffee table.

Have you seen the video’s from Olivia’s Romantic Home? Specifically her Dollar Tree DIY _____. Well, I stumbled across her Dollar Tree DIY centerpiece and absolutely fell in love! I think this was near the beginning of November. So I headed off to a Dollar Tree to pick up those little Dollar Tree Christmas trees and whatever else I needed. Of course, I procrastinated and didn’t start crafting it until about a week before Christmas.

craft time
Not a bad start

I had never made anything like this before. It was a little overwhelming at first. I was afraid of really making a mess. I really need to get over that. So I told myself “if I make a mess, I can start over”. The bows were quite the challenge, but I guess they turned out ok. The video says to use decorative mesh for the little roll up pieces that are stuck in the branches, but my mesh was too wide. I tried cutting it in half, but that just made a mess. So hubby went out to Walmart and purchased some rolls of tulle. I think they worked ok. They were full of glitter, so glitter was everywhere.

Dollar Tree DIY centerpiece

So this is how my centerpiece turned out. Not too bad for a first attempt.

I decided to go with a Red, White and silver color theme for my Christmas decorating this last Christmas. I ended up not decorating much and only put up our small tree. So next year I really want to go all out Red, White and Silver. Now to figure out how I am going to pack this centerpiece away without messing it up. I am pretty happy with it how it turned out. I may just try my hand at more Olivia’s decorations.