A Fairy For Barb

This is June’s Pearl Fairy.  I stitched her in 2001 for someone special.  Sorry for the photo.  It’s a scan of the photo I took of the piece before shipping it to the recipient for her birthday in June 2001.  She is currently hanging in my dad’s house and I do hope to get it back one day as Barb passed away a year ago.  The frame was perfect.  I had picked up 2 frames at a crafter’s garage sale several years prior to stitching this.  It was an old wooden frame that the crafter painted gold and drizzled black and gold paint over.  When I purchased the pattern for this fairy, I knew that she would be perfect in this frame.  The other frame I have is a black rectangle frame with gold drizzling that I think will be perfect for Lady Alexandra.  This fairy is stitched on 16ct white Aida.  I know it looks pink in the photo, but it is actually white.

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Guardian Angel

I was looking around my house to see what finished pieces I have not shared with you and I believe that this is the last hanging piece I have to share.

She is Guardian Angel by Lavender and Lace.  I finished stitching her on September 4, 1993.  I added the Bible verse to the bottom.  This one hangs in the hallway right outside my bedroom door.  She is beautiful and I need to stitch more of the Lavender Lace patterns that I have squirrled away.

I finally had a few minutes to add some stamping to my nails this morning.  I had them painted a week ago and they were in desperate need of a top coat.

They have grown out a little since my manicure last week and the tips are a little worn, but that’s ok.  I try to keep my polish on for 2 weeks as I hate going without.  I haven’t stamped them in a while and really have been itching to add something fun.  They are not perfect as I hurried to get them done before taking youngest son to drivers education, but they look cool.  And they are good for another few days before I add another layer of top coat.  This one’s for you K. Marie. If you get a chance, visit her blog A Stitcher’s Stitchings.  She is a wonderful stitcher and she does her nails really cool, too.


Mermaid of the Pearl

My Monday share is another Mermaid that I stitched up in 1997.  She is Mermaid of the Pearls.

Another gorgeous lady with lots of beads and sparkle.  Just look at that face :o)

She looks so happy and content.

My back is finally getting better and I have been able to do a little stitching the last couple of nights.  I have been giving the snowman some love.  I’ll post a photo later when I have added a bit more stitching.

I have decided which Mermaid I will be stitching next; Emerald Mermaid.  She is the only other horizontal mermaid that Nora has out and that way I can display her on one side of Enchanted Mermaid and Mediterannean Mermaid on the other side.  They both will be looking at Enchanted Mermaid.  Hubby says “ok, but we will have to save up the $$ for the framing”.  I told him I’m sure that we have plenty of time to do that.  What does he think? That I can just whip up a mermaid in no time?  WISH!!  I am sure that I will be so sidetracked by many other designs that I will “just have to do”, right?

Thanks for stopping by today. May your stitching be frogless!

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Mediterannean Mermaid back from the Framer

Good afternoon friends.  I went to my LNS this morning and picked up Mediterranean Mermaid, all framed and looking lovely.  Here she is:

I love how she turned out.  Not too much frame, no mat, all the focus on her and all of her sparkly beauty.  I’m not sure where I am going to hang her as I think I have run out of wall space.  But I will find the perfect place for her soon. The framing was done by Juanita at Way Cool Mats as is most of my framings.  She always does an awesome job.

While at my LNS, Stitches N Things  I picked up a few things that I had ordered as well as a few new things from the shop.  First, look at this wonderful holder I found:

Isn’t it just lovely?  Remember this pattern I picked up in Stoney Creek Magazine?

Well, it will look great on this holder.  And what’s cool about it is that I can have the Summer Banner put on Mat board (some day, when I get it sttiched) and the holder can be used as an easel.  That way I don’t have to stitch it onto the frame and I can re-use.  It can also hold a project in progress like this:

It will work well with Q-snaps also.  And do you know what else is cool about this holder??  You can change out the top!  Yep!  The company that makes it has many different toppers.  The shop also had a Halloween one that was cool.  Now if I can just get this project started.  Unfortunately,  20ct white Lugana is on back order and has been since I first picked up the Stoney Creek magazine with the Summer Banner in it.  After picking up the June issue of Stoney Creek today (it has the Fall Banner in it and had to get it) there is a new Christmas afghan series in that is going to run for like 2 years.  It also uses 20ct White Lugana and I think that many, many people are going to do this project.  It uses almost 2 yards of fabric, so I am sure it will be a while before I get my 4 measley pieces of white 20ct Lugana.  Oh well, you know I wasn’t going to finish the Summer Banner for this summer anyway.

Here is the rest of my purchases from this visit and my last visit to the LNS:

A candle screen from Sudberry House.  I am not a country person, but this really appealed to me.  The Monogram chart for the candle screen and The Lovely Alphabet both from The Sunflower Seed.  I am not sure what the difference in the 2 alphabets are..but the sample that I saw said that it used the Lovely Alphabet and I thought it was different than the monograms, but I don’t think it is.  I also purchased Nora Corbett’s Cherry Blossom and bead pack the last time I was there.  I am saving her to stitch on Johanna’s RR when I get it.  And I actually found 2 pieces of 16ct Aida hand dyed fabrics the last time I was at the Lady Bug Shoppe.  One is called Truffle and the other is Glory.  Not sure what I will use them for, but they are lovely and I am sure I will find something to stitch on them some day.

Well my friends,  thank you for visiting today and sticking with my very long post today.  Makes up for my lack of posting recently.  Happy Stitching!