Mermaid of the Pearl

My Monday share is another Mermaid that I stitched up in 1997.  She is Mermaid of the Pearls.

Another gorgeous lady with lots of beads and sparkle.  Just look at that face :o)

She looks so happy and content.

My back is finally getting better and I have been able to do a little stitching the last couple of nights.  I have been giving the snowman some love.  I’ll post a photo later when I have added a bit more stitching.

I have decided which Mermaid I will be stitching next; Emerald Mermaid.  She is the only other horizontal mermaid that Nora has out and that way I can display her on one side of Enchanted Mermaid and Mediterannean Mermaid on the other side.  They both will be looking at Enchanted Mermaid.  Hubby says “ok, but we will have to save up the $$ for the framing”.  I told him I’m sure that we have plenty of time to do that.  What does he think? That I can just whip up a mermaid in no time?  WISH!!  I am sure that I will be so sidetracked by many other designs that I will “just have to do”, right?

Thanks for stopping by today. May your stitching be frogless!

5 thoughts on “Mermaid of the Pearl

  1. she is SOOO beautiful! I love the wistful look on her face and all of the pearls and sparkle; the way she really looks like the water is moving through her gills/fins/whatever you call what mermaids have! Mermaids may not be ‘for real’, but you certainly bring them to life!


  2. Oh I’m so jealous of all the work that has beads on it!! I have yet to do a project with beads on it. I’m working towards doing Sleeping Beauty, she’ll be my first project with beads. She’s quite beautiful, and shiny!!


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