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One Beautiful Geisha

I finished my Geisha last night.  I’m so happy with how she turned out

Geisha finished

I know I should start working on the birds and cherry blossoms.  But a mermaid has been calling to me for some time now.  So now I don’t know whether I should take a break and start Siren, or continue on with the RR…Decisions, decisions.

Geisha · Joan Elliott Round Robin

My Asian Round Robin

I thought it was about time to show you what I have been stitching on since finishing Emmie:

Asian Round Robin start

This is my Joan Elliott Round Robin that I am going to be participating in  starting in May.  I have wanted to stitch a Geisha for a long time and decided that my Round Robin would be Geisha’s.  I am stitching Joan Elliott’s Red Geisha and getting near finished.  I also want to add some cherry blossoms and birds before I send it out and hopefully a Title at the top. Sorry about the wrinkles.  The fabric is an extra large piece as I wasn’t sure what I would be stitching and didn’t want to be short.  So I am rolling it up and using a hoop and probably stretching it too tight as I like my stitching to be tight like a drum when I stitch.  I am stitching on a Hand Dyed Fabric by my favorite dyer, Stephanie.  It is 28 ct Jobelan Mocha Delight Here is a close up of my Red Geisha:

Red Geisha

Sorry about the bad pictures.  There hasn’t been any sun lately in Michigan and I just couldn’t seem to get a better photo.  Hopefully when I finish her I can get a better picture.


It’s Official..I am addicted!

I’m addicted to Stephanie’s Hand Dyed fabrics!  Look what arrived in the mail today:

Stephys fabbies sale day 2

Yep.  More of Stephanie’s fabrics from her sale.  They are all just gorgeous!  From left to right they are:  Loki, Seafoam, Haunting, Falling Leaves, Snow Drifts Opalescent, and Isolde Opalescent.  All are 16ct Aida and all are so delicious looking!  The sparkly aida’s are so pretty!  I can’t wait to stitch on all of my stephy’s fabbies!  My favorite from this batch is definitely Haunting.  I love the pinks and grays.   Ok, time to get stitching!

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Finished Pidge Scarf

I finished off the pidge scarf last night weaving in the ends and sewing on the buttons.  It turned out pretty good:

Pidge Scarf finish in Alpaca

It is rather cute.  I think it is growing on me.  And the recipient loves it!  She said to go ahead and make another with the Bamboo yarn, so I will be starting that one soon.  That yarn is just screaming my name, hehe.

knitted scarves · Knitting

Ever Heard of a Pidge Scarf?

I had never heard of one before a few weeks ago.  A co-worker of my husbands asked if I would be able to make her a pidge scarf???  This is the picture she sent me:

Pidge scarf

I guess you could say it is more like a collar scarf.  So I told her if she found a pattern and picked up the yarn, I would see what I could do about making her one.  I’ve had the yarn for a couple of weeks and am just getting around to working on it.  Here is my progress on the pidge:

pidge scarf in progress

It has taken me days to get this far.  Why??  I hate ribbing!  Ribbing of any kind is just so monotonous and boring.  So much wasted time pulling that yarn from front to back every other stitch!  It’s not a hard pattern:

Cast on 28 sts knit through the back loop, yo, slip stitch as if to pearl.  Repeat across.  I worked that for 8 rows, then did my buttonholes on next 2 rows then continue in the pattern stitch for 25 inches.  Yep…25 inches and the longest 25 inches at that.  This pattern does make a nice thick ribbing, so it will be nice and warm.  I bound it off the needles last night and not too bad.  There is a row in there that I wasn’t paying attention and pearled the stitch instead of slipping it.  When I back tracked,  I couldn’t get the stitches into the right twist, so there is a partial row with about 10 twisted sts.  And twice I split the yarn and is quite noticeable.  But I just couldn’t get the hang of “un-knitting” this pattern.  So…there are a few mess ups.  They will be on the inside.  I will sew on the buttons tonight and post a finish tomorrow.  She also included a light pinkish yarn in Bamboo that I think I will try again.  I’m itching to stitch with that Bamboo yarn.  It feels so silky.  She sent along another pattern also, but it seems worse than this pattern. Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to 🙂


More Fabric?

That’s what my hubby said when he went out to get the mail while I was in the house hosting a psychic party on Saturday.  Here is what I received:

Stephanie's sale fabby's

This is my first order that I placed on day one of Stephanies’ fabric sale last month.  All are 16ct Aida.  From left to right they are:  Fairy Dance, Northern Lights, Secret, Pixie Kiss Warm Sugar and Samantha.  They are all just gorgeous and I am going to have fun finding things to stitch on these in the future.  I placed a second order on day 2 of her sale after finding out that Aida comes in Opalescent!  Scream!  I can’t wait to get that order.  I ordered two Opals and I’m sure they will also be just a beautiful as these-but sparkly!  Do you think I am addicted to Stephy’s fabby’s?

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And the Winner’s are…

Today is the day for the drawings for my blogaversary.  I had my son do the drawing for me and I thought we may run into a problem if he picked 2 people that wanted the same prize, but the first 3 names all wanted a different prize.  So here we go…

blogaversary drawing 1

First prize of the yarn package goes to:

blogaversary drawing 2

Second prize for the Lizzie Kate pagckage goes to:

blogaversary 3

And the third prize for the #2 cross stitch package goes to:

blogaversary 4

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you everyone for playing and visiting my blog to see what I have been up to this past year.  I look forward to sharing with you this year.  For the winners, you have 48 hours to contact me @ with your mailing address.