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My Asian Round Robin

I thought it was about time to show you what I have been stitching on since finishing Emmie:

Asian Round Robin start

This is my Joan Elliott Round Robin that I am going to be participating in  starting in May.  I have wanted to stitch a Geisha for a long time and decided that my Round Robin would be Geisha’s.  I am stitching Joan Elliott’s Red Geisha and getting near finished.  I also want to add some cherry blossoms and birds before I send it out and hopefully a Title at the top. Sorry about the wrinkles.  The fabric is an extra large piece as I wasn’t sure what I would be stitching and didn’t want to be short.  So I am rolling it up and using a hoop and probably stretching it too tight as I like my stitching to be tight like a drum when I stitch.  I am stitching on a Hand Dyed Fabric by my favorite dyer, Stephanie.  It is 28 ct Jobelan Mocha Delight Here is a close up of my Red Geisha:

Red Geisha

Sorry about the bad pictures.  There hasn’t been any sun lately in Michigan and I just couldn’t seem to get a better photo.  Hopefully when I finish her I can get a better picture.

17 thoughts on “My Asian Round Robin

    1. Thanks, Dani. It will be. I just have to wait about a year until it comes back, but I know that all of the awesome stitchers will do a great job and it will be beautiful. I will post updated pictures throughout the year.


    1. Thanks, Hannah. I don’t stitch very fast. But I am a one at a time project kind of gal and don’t have school going on like you do. You stitch pretty fast when you get to your stitching.


      1. Haha yeah that’s true…I’m often working on a few things at once! I have been making plenty of cross stitch progress recently but that is on a few different things…hopefully once I finish uni for the summer I will fly through some projects!


  1. What a delicate face! I saw geisha (well, trainee geisha, maiko) in Japan last year and they are just so elegant. You’ve really captured that with your stitches. 🙂


    1. Thank you. Each is very different from the next. I can’t wait until it’s all finished and I haven’t even started to send out yet, LOL.


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