It’s Official..I am addicted!

I’m addicted to Stephanie’s Hand Dyed fabrics!  Look what arrived in the mail today:

Stephys fabbies sale day 2

Yep.  More of Stephanie’s fabrics from her sale.  They are all just gorgeous!  From left to right they are:  Loki, Seafoam, Haunting, Falling Leaves, Snow Drifts Opalescent, and Isolde Opalescent.  All are 16ct Aida and all are so delicious looking!  The sparkly aida’s are so pretty!  I can’t wait to stitch on all of my stephy’s fabbies!  My favorite from this batch is definitely Haunting.  I love the pinks and grays.   Ok, time to get stitching!

9 thoughts on “It’s Official..I am addicted!

  1. Those fabrics are all just stunning! I think my favourite is Loki, it’s so dramatic. Do you know what you’re going to stitch on them?


    1. They are all beautiful. I have decided to collect them for now. It’s so hard to pick something on-line for a specific design because you really don’t know what it will truly look like until you get it. So now I will have beautiful fabrics on hand that I can match a pattern to in the future.


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