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Finished Pidge Scarf

I finished off the pidge scarf last night weaving in the ends and sewing on the buttons.  It turned out pretty good:

Pidge Scarf finish in Alpaca

It is rather cute.  I think it is growing on me.  And the recipient loves it!  She said to go ahead and make another with the Bamboo yarn, so I will be starting that one soon.  That yarn is just screaming my name, hehe.

14 thoughts on “Finished Pidge Scarf

  1. Lovely Ginny… Awesommeeeee… u are done and I can’t wait to see the Bamboo yarn one. I have not used one before, so hope to learn something from you soon. Cheers.. Thumbs up. 😉


  2. Thanks, Karen. I didn’t know what a pidge was before I knitted this. But I guess they are out there and there are all kinds of patterns for them. It is growing on my 🙂


  3. That looks great. Well worth wrestling with the ribbing.

    I hadn’t heard of a Pidge scarf before seeing you knit this one. I may see if I can crochet one.


    1. Thank you. It turned out pretty good. The recipient chose the yarn and buttons and they really go well together. I haven’t started with the Bamboo yarn just yet. Maybe this weekend.


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