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Ever Heard of a Pidge Scarf?

I had never heard of one before a few weeks ago.  A co-worker of my husbands asked if I would be able to make her a pidge scarf???  This is the picture she sent me:

Pidge scarf

I guess you could say it is more like a collar scarf.  So I told her if she found a pattern and picked up the yarn, I would see what I could do about making her one.  I’ve had the yarn for a couple of weeks and am just getting around to working on it.  Here is my progress on the pidge:

pidge scarf in progress

It has taken me days to get this far.  Why??  I hate ribbing!  Ribbing of any kind is just so monotonous and boring.  So much wasted time pulling that yarn from front to back every other stitch!  It’s not a hard pattern:

Cast on 28 sts knit through the back loop, yo, slip stitch as if to pearl.  Repeat across.  I worked that for 8 rows, then did my buttonholes on next 2 rows then continue in the pattern stitch for 25 inches.  Yep…25 inches and the longest 25 inches at that.  This pattern does make a nice thick ribbing, so it will be nice and warm.  I bound it off the needles last night and not too bad.  There is a row in there that I wasn’t paying attention and pearled the stitch instead of slipping it.  When I back tracked,  I couldn’t get the stitches into the right twist, so there is a partial row with about 10 twisted sts.  And twice I split the yarn and is quite noticeable.  But I just couldn’t get the hang of “un-knitting” this pattern.  So…there are a few mess ups.  They will be on the inside.  I will sew on the buttons tonight and post a finish tomorrow.  She also included a light pinkish yarn in Bamboo that I think I will try again.  I’m itching to stitch with that Bamboo yarn.  It feels so silky.  She sent along another pattern also, but it seems worse than this pattern. Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to 🙂

14 thoughts on “Ever Heard of a Pidge Scarf?

    1. Definitely different. I think having that wrapped around my neck would bother me. I like my scarves that I can untie and let them hang when they get too warm or buggy 🙂


  1. I’ve never heard of this style being called a pidge scarf, I have seen it labeled as a cowl though! Very cute project. Ribbing irks me as well, so time consuming!


    1. Maybe it was given a different name because it really doesn’t hang like a cowl. More tight around the neck like a collar. I am glad I am not the only one who is not fond of ribbing.


  2. omg, I also hate ribbing, and am working on leg warmers that are 28 inches (each) of k2 p2 in the round. I could scream. Never again.
    But the scarf is pretty – never heard it called that, but I do have a similar pattern to make one – called a cowl, and longer, enough to wrap around before buttoning.


    1. Oh I feel your pain, have to do it twice! Ack! Though I am thinking of making another pig for the same gal. She sent along some bamboo yarn and I really want to try that yarn out. It may take me until next winter to finish it, lol. Good luck with your leg warmers.


      1. thanks – I am determined to finish them this week. I have so many projects waiting in the wings. 🙂
        The bamboo will be interesting – I have never used it, but you are right, it is so soft! I look forward to hearing what you think of it.


  3. Thanks for sharing this. I am trying to make a scarf for my daughter, but am afraid of running out of yarn. This shortened version should work just right. I agree that rib stitch is tough, but it is so nice when finished. Try the seed stitch. That one switches on every stitch, even harder.


    1. I am glad my post helped you out. I used a bulky yarn-Bernat’s Alpaca, 100 g ball, 120 yes. I didn’t use quite the whole ball. I have a small ball left that fits in the palm of my hand. Hopefully that gives you an idea of how much yarn I used. Oh,and no thanks on the seed stitch, lol. I have done that before and it is worse than ribbing!


    1. I haven’t had time to pick up the knitting needles and start the bamboo yet but it feels so silky and I can’t wait to try it. The Alpaca yarn was thick, but was very easy to work with. The Pidge will be warm and cozy.


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