More Fabric?

That’s what my hubby said when he went out to get the mail while I was in the house hosting a psychic party on Saturday.  Here is what I received:

Stephanie's sale fabby's

This is my first order that I placed on day one of Stephanies’ fabric sale last month.  All are 16ct Aida.  From left to right they are:  Fairy Dance, Northern Lights, Secret, Pixie Kiss Warm Sugar and Samantha.  They are all just gorgeous and I am going to have fun finding things to stitch on these in the future.  I placed a second order on day 2 of her sale after finding out that Aida comes in Opalescent!  Scream!  I can’t wait to get that order.  I ordered two Opals and I’m sure they will also be just a beautiful as these-but sparkly!  Do you think I am addicted to Stephy’s fabby’s?

6 thoughts on “More Fabric?

  1. I’m living vicariously through you! The fabrics are beautiful and you have lots of different colors represented there. You better be watching out for your mailman so you can get there before hubby sees your next order!


  2. Why not be addicted to it? It is beautiful. Who knows how long she will be in business. This reply area is different everytime on my computer.haha


    1. Thanks Marsha. I hope that she will be in business for a long time. Her fabrics are absolutely gorgeous, as you saw on Saturday. I love them…and…ok…My name is Ginny and I am a Stephanie fabraholic! Ha!


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