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One Beautiful Geisha

I finished my Geisha last night.  I’m so happy with how she turned out

Geisha finished

I know I should start working on the birds and cherry blossoms.  But a mermaid has been calling to me for some time now.  So now I don’t know whether I should take a break and start Siren, or continue on with the RR…Decisions, decisions.

16 thoughts on “One Beautiful Geisha

    1. Thank you, Wisher. I’m not sure what blackwork is. The gold kreinik was just backstitched – instead of making a cross stitch, I created an X with the gold by using the center of the X as my ending point. Not sure I am explaining correctly.


    1. LOL. I don’t send it on until May, so you will have to be patient. I am however, working on the birds and cherry blossoms and hope to get them finished before I send it on.


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