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Guardian Angel

I was looking around my house to see what finished pieces I have not shared with you and I believe that this is the last hanging piece I have to share.

She is Guardian Angel by Lavender and Lace.  I finished stitching her on September 4, 1993.  I added the Bible verse to the bottom.  This one hangs in the hallway right outside my bedroom door.  She is beautiful and I need to stitch more of the Lavender Lace patterns that I have squirrled away.

I finally had a few minutes to add some stamping to my nails this morning.  I had them painted a week ago and they were in desperate need of a top coat.

They have grown out a little since my manicure last week and the tips are a little worn, but that’s ok.  I try to keep my polish on for 2 weeks as I hate going without.  I haven’t stamped them in a while and really have been itching to add something fun.  They are not perfect as I hurried to get them done before taking youngest son to drivers education, but they look cool.  And they are good for another few days before I add another layer of top coat.  This one’s for you K. Marie. If you get a chance, visit her blog A Stitcher’s Stitchings.  She is a wonderful stitcher and she does her nails really cool, too.

8 thoughts on “Guardian Angel

  1. Oh she’s breathtaking. The ring border she has around her really gives it the little extra oomph.
    I loooove your nails!! I saw your post and thought “To heck with my uneven nails!! I’m going to paint them!!” So I threw a coat of polish on them and, hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have some time to stamp them. *fingers crossed* 😉


    1. Thanks K.Marie. I love the ring or roses around her as well.
      Yeah, I have a stubby nail that I broke way down below the tip and it’s finally growing out. Doesn’t it just feel good to have polish on? That extra barrier to help keep them a bit stronger. I hope you get some “stamping time”.


  2. Just heard that Marilyn Leavitt Imblum passed away yesterday. So sad because her designs (including this one) brought joy to so many. I have not completed any of her designs, but I think I have one in progress.


    1. I saw last night on Facebook that my LNS posted that she passed away. So sad. She will be missed. I have many of her designs, like Mirabilia’s, that I just haven’t stitched yet. I want to stitch Angel of Spring, soon.


    1. Rebecca, I used a 16ct Aida. I can’t remember what the color is. Probably something similar to the natural linen but in aida. It is on the beigey-gray side. I think she would look nice on just about any neutral color. All of those rich greens and mauves will really pop. Just make sure to take into account that the wings are done in white. Good luck.


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