A Fairy For Barb

This is June’s Pearl Fairy.  I stitched her in 2001 for someone special.  Sorry for the photo.  It’s a scan of the photo I took of the piece before shipping it to the recipient for her birthday in June 2001.  She is currently hanging in my dad’s house and I do hope to get it back one day as Barb passed away a year ago.  The frame was perfect.  I had picked up 2 frames at a crafter’s garage sale several years prior to stitching this.  It was an old wooden frame that the crafter painted gold and drizzled black and gold paint over.  When I purchased the pattern for this fairy, I knew that she would be perfect in this frame.  The other frame I have is a black rectangle frame with gold drizzling that I think will be perfect for Lady Alexandra.  This fairy is stitched on 16ct white Aida.  I know it looks pink in the photo, but it is actually white.

6 thoughts on “A Fairy For Barb

  1. This is so beautiful!! I think that you really do have a talent for doing fairies. They always come out so gorgeous, and the frame matches perfectly.


  2. She looks lovely in that frame! I have thought about haunting garage sales for frames and then matching them up with Mira designs. Just haven’t gotten around to it.


    1. Thanks, Johanna. I bought those 2 frames about 10-12 years ago and haven’t found any since. Most people see framed art and while I have seen some frames I like, I don’t want to pay $20 or more for the frame and art I will just toss. But I still look.


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