Friendship Bears Picnic Game

I’m still here.  Just busy doing a Stampin’ Up! Open house this past weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  But I didn’t have any time for stitching.  But now I am back, busy getting started on the current Round Robin in my possession, and will post photos whenever I get it done.  I have less than 2 weeks to get it stitched and back in the mail.  But for now I have a treasured family piece to share with you today.

Can you tell what it is?  It is a game similar to Candy Land.  The pattern is called the Friendship Bears Picnic Game and was by Dutch Touch Inc.  It also came with this:

Little teddy bear game pieces and a deck of cards and instructions.  My boys had such fun playing this game when they were little.  It sits under an end table in my living room and other little ones have played it from time to time.  Recently I started thinking I should have purchased another one so that I could give one to both of my boys when they get married and have children of their own, but I am having no luck finding another one.  I still have the original pattern (which is all marked up as I didn’t make a working copy) but the original pattern also came with the game pieces.  It would be nice to find another like this.  I stitched it on 16 ct. Antique White Aida and was framed in Game Box #245 from Taylor’s Workshop. I wish I could find another one of these kits.  So far, no luck in even finding anything similar.

2 thoughts on “Friendship Bears Picnic Game

  1. Hi Ginny,
    I have the complete kit which includes the chart, game instructions, thread requirements & four bears(still wrapped) & cards(unopen) in the original zip plastic bag.I haven’t listed it on my website yet. You can contact me if you’re still looking for another.


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