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Magnetic nails

I don’t have a stitching to share with you right now.  I have a few minutes before I have to go and wanted to post my latest nail craze.  Come back later today for RR stitch I finished over the weekend.  For now, here is my new favorite polish:

It is Sally Hansen’s Magnetic polish.  The polish is actually the lighter purple and when you use the magnet, it pulls out the darker color.  I LOVE this new concept and hope that the industries come out with more designs on the magnets.  Thanks for stopping by.  Come back later for a stitching post.

6 thoughts on “Magnetic nails

  1. Your nails look great, and very neat! I have a few magnetic nail polishes myself and they’re very fun to use, although I sometimes end up smudging the polish with the magnet haha. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Naomi x


    1. Johanna, I just looked up caviar nails and that is so awesome!!! I think I have some of those micro beads leftover from a stamp project. I am going to have to dig them out and give this a try! Thanks for letting me know about it. The Metallic and Metallix nail polishes are soooooo cool. I love them. Sally Hansens magnet is the best. Wet N wild has their version of metallics out, but their magnet doesn’t look very user friendly. I am petty sure they will work on acryllics. It’s all in the polish. It even works on a paper towel! ha! When I want to try a different color, I put it on a papertowel and use the magnet just to be sure it’s the color I want to put on that day.Hehe.


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