Mirabilia Round Robin

Finally, some stitching!

Ok, so in between running my youngest son around everywhere, and getting ready for my stamping open house, I was finally able to get some stitching in.  I stitched the Pixie,  Lily of the Valley for Karen’s Round Robin.  Lily turned out beautiful and I can’t wait to stitch her one day, in full.  Here she is:

I love the fabric Karen chose for her RR.  A beautiful hand dyed fabric with blue, green, yellow, purple and pink in the nicest shades.  And it’s sparkly.  Here is the piece as it looked before I put it in the mail today:

So beautiful.  Now I want to stitch some pixies.  Unfortunately, I have to get back to Snowman or Angel.  I promised myself that I would finish those 2 pieces before moving onto something else.  That’s another reason that I like stitching on the Round Robin…I can break away from my current stitch and do something different.  And I am really not breaking my promise since I am committed to getting the RR pieces done and in the mail by a certain date.  I should be getting my next RR in the next few days and I can’t wait to see what I am going to stitch on next.  Thanks for stopping by.

7 thoughts on “Finally, some stitching!

  1. She did turn out very cute. Some day I will get to stitching them on my afghan. In the mean time I will get to stitch another one on yours. I’m looking forward to stitching on yours as the last person said that your fabric was so soft. What is your RR done on? You will get Karen’s done rather quickly. I’m not a fast stitcher and I was able to stitch her in less than 2 weeks with very limited stitching time. I know you have lots to do right now and this one will be a breeze for you.


  2. Hi there. Really enjoying the round robins you are taking part in. There all so pretty and such fantastic designs. Please could i ask what the fabric is for Pixie Dust RR, its just so pretty and sparkly. Hope you dont mind me askin? Bee x


    1. Hi Bee! Thank you for visiting my blog. I checked with the Designer of the Pixie Dust RR and she tells me the fabric is 28ct Opal Lugana Rainbow Sparkle by Silkweaver. It is a very pretty, sparky fabric.


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