The Kiss

Good morning.  Before I get started on my stitching for today, I thought I would share another Mirabilia piece with you.

This one is titled “The Kiss”.  I stitched this one up in 1997 on 16 count Aida.  Not sure of the color of the cloth-a peachy color-but it is very pretty.  I added little Bee charms in the corner as per the pattern and thought this was a nice added touch. This piece hangs in my bedroom so I can admire it every day.  It is a favorite.

4 thoughts on “The Kiss

  1. Okay-the sun moved-did you move the sun for me?? Ha-you are pretty powerful!! The Kiss is delightful, so exquisite~ Your work is perfection. You have the gift of staying on task. I have trouble there, for sure!


  2. Well, I promised myself I would come back in a week or so and look everything Ginny has done, and I can see has been very busy! I have to say that the picture doesn’t do this piece justice. It is one of my favorite ones she has done and it is absolutely wonderful.

    – Bander (aka Ginny’s hubby)


  3. This is soooo beautiful!! Where did you get the pattern from?? I’d love to give it a shot but only after I’ve had a few more “trial” projects.


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