New stash!

What do you think?

So I went to my LNS this past weekend for some retail therapy.  I had wanted to pick up a few patterns for some up-coming round robins and a couple of other patterns I have been wanting.  The 2 new fairies from Nora Corbett were not in and neither was the new Santa.   So here is what I did pick up:

Donner, to add to my Reindeer collection-I think I have 5 now.  Lady Alexandra and 16 count “Dirty Aida” to do her on.  I also picked up the fabric for Spring Angel.  I already had the pattern in my collection and was inspired to get her going by Catherine.  You can see her Spring start here. So I went to work on deciding on a fabric.  I really wanted a hand dyed since I see them all over the blog world and they are gorgeous.  But there were only 2 in 16 ct. aida that would be a possibility, but no-go.  So I finally decided on  Sea Spray 16 ct. aida which is actually  little brighter blue than how it looks in the photo  above.  But when I left the store, I started second guessing myself and thought I should have gone with what the pattern called for, Twilight Blue, which is what I did my Summer Angel in. So what do you think?  Sea Spray or Twilight Blue?  Decisions, decisions…I have time as I probably won’t start her right away.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you would choose.  Also, is there anyone else out there that uses 16 ct. aida??

5 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. What a great stash haul! I love the fabric for both patterns. I thik you should stay with the brighter blue just to give you some stitching variety. It is hard enough to get motivated to finish these babies. Now…clue me in on your next round robins…


    1. I am just in the one RR, Johanna. I meant the pieces in the group that will be coming to me. Can’t wait to stitch on each and every one. Am loving this RR. Want to do more.


  2. I like the pretty blue fabric that you have in the picture (Sea Spray). I think your angel will be lovely on that color.


    1. Thanks, Linda. Everyone is telling me to stick to my original choice (Sea Spray) so that is what I will do her on…some day. How is the un-packing going? And the RR?


  3. I’m ditto on the Sea Spray.

    Oh, happy retail therapy! Lovely haul you’ve got there, Ginny!

    I am almost exclusively an “over-2” stitcher and use 28 or 32 count evenweaves or linen. I do have a couple of pretty hand-dyed aidas. I think I have 16-ct. and 18-ct. I have no problems with either count of aida.

    I did recently get a couple of Silkweaver 40-ct. linens because they were so pretty, but I’m looking at them going “How the hell am I going to stitch on that???”

    p.s. I am currently stitching on your RR. You did a lovely job on the evenweave. Did you have any problems with it?


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