Mermen, oooh la la!

Not only do I like mermaids, but I also like Mermen.  I have only found 2 cross stitch patterns of mermen and have stitched them both.

First we have “The Heir”.  He is quite gorgeous.  All those muscles…Yeah, there are a lot of nice muscles.  And just look at that cute little baby.

And here we have “Romance of the Sea”.  He also has some great muscles.  Both of these designs are by Terrence Nolan of Dimples Designs.  Both are gorgeous and I stitched both of these in 1999.  On both pieces I  added  gold charms of dolphins and sea horses.  They both hang in my bathroom, side by side.

10 thoughts on “Mermen, oooh la la!

  1. WoW! What Eye Candy! Pretty ‘steamy’ mermen you created, Ginny ~ guess that is why he is in your bathroom!? haha And I’ve never even heard of a mer-baby??? These are spectacular! I can’t wait to see what’s next! I don’t know how you could top these two pieces!


  2. I know this sounds really random, but do you still have the chart for the merman & baby. I have been searching for this for ages, but to no avail. I do have the one with memaid & merman in it & am tryng to get the chart for the other one so that I can stitch it & then hang them both in my bedroom…..Please can you help me!!!


    1. Kerry I have a copy of the man & child “The Heir” – new —– Need a copy of the couple (Romance at Sea) that is in good condition. Want to stitch them both. Gathering supplies for the first now (


      1. Glenn Lee, thank you for posting this. I do hope that Kerrie sees this. I have searched my stash for these patterns, but cannot find. I do remember donating a bunch of patterns to a local charity shop some years ago (thinking I would never stitch them again) and am kicking myself now. Thank you for posting here 🙂


      1. Hi I have checked all over the internet, cross stitch stores, ebay, amazon. etc.
        Would you be willing to email me a copy of the patterns, I would really like to stitch these. Thanks


  3. I love these patterns. I have done several of the mirabilia mermaids. It is so hard to find good mermen. I have checked all over the internet, and keep an eye on ebay, and etsy. I have found very bad copy of The Heir on pinterest, but I can’t read most of it. Do you still have these patterns?


    1. I’m sorry, Lucy. I thought I had saved them, but can’t seem to find them. I did get rid of a bunch of cross stitch patterns at a garage sale several years ago, maybe I got rid of them then. If I should see them on ebay, I will let you know.


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