Autumn Queen

It feels like a blustery fall day today, so I thought I would share my Autumn Queen with you.

She is a Mirabilia pattern and she is quite regal.  I love the blues and the purples and the beading is in the perfect places.  I love the snood her hair is in.  I stitched her up in 2000 on 16 count White Aida.  I am not a big fan of matts, but the Queens seem to need it as their dresses are cut across the bottom into a straight edge.

You can see all of Nora Corbett’s Mirabilia designs here. I see that yesterday, April 15, 2012, Wichelt released a new Mirabilia entitled “Santa”.  I have never stitched a Santa.  I think this one has just been added to my list of “have to stitch”.  He is a jolly Santa.  Go check it out by clicking on the Mirabilia link above.  Let me know what you think about him.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Queen

  1. Ginny, we are more alike than you know. I just finished my Autumn Queen this year (although it was a WIP for more years than I care to admit). Am thinking about having Jill Rensel frame her. And the new Santa is amazing. Might have to be added to my list too!


    1. Hi! I am currently restarting my Autumn Queen after many years of carpel tunnel. The pattern was folded and refolded so many times that it fell apart. I have lost the top right corner of her head. I cannot find a replacement. If I could just get a picture of the top right corner that would help. Such a shame to not be able to finish it. Any suggestions? Help!


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