Mermaid Stitch A Longs


I finished section 15 of the PR SAL#4  on Saturday night.  So excited because the new and last section came out on Monday morning.  I will probably  pull her out tonight to start stitching the last section.  On Sunday I pulled out this one to stitch on:


This one is PR SAL#2. I didn’t get to put too many stitches on her because I was so tired both Saturday and Sunday nights.  I even tried last night and just so tired.  I’m hoping It’s just my body still recovering from surgery.  This week will be 6 weeks, and I was told it would take my internal body about 6 weeks to recover.  So hopefully soon I can get back to my late night stitching 😉  I didn’t realize how much I missed this project until I started stitching on it.  Even though it is 28ct, it seems like a breeze stitching on it.  It must be the lighter fabric.  We shall see if I put this one away  to stitch on the other or if I continue on with this one…

What are you stitching on these days?

13 thoughts on “Mermaid Stitch A Longs

  1. Your project is going along nicely!! Me, stitching? No, still plugging away on the craft room before I even work on the gardens! I hope you get your normal zip back, soon! If you find too much plz ship to me~~


  2. Thank you, Marsha. I picked her up last night and started stitching on the last section. I can’t wait to finish her. She has a very sweet face. Just wait and see 😉 Hoping to get my zip back soon, and hoping you do too!


  3. 6 weeks is still a very short time in the scheme of things! And I too am looking at getting away from the dark blues in my fabric – it just makes some parts a chore to stitch.


    1. It really is a short time, Paula. I never knew that the dark blue would be somewhat difficult to stitch on, but I am finding that out 😉 This piece will look nice on the blue, though. Last section! I am so excited!

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      1. I brought a Navy, deep deep Navy, linen the other month. It’s sitting in my stash pile as I think it’s a beautiful hue but I think it would be a better summer WIP.


      2. Paula, I can’t imagine stitching on another shade of blue similar to what I am working on or darker. It definitely messes with my eyes. Maybe outside in the bright sun would work.


  4. OMG, am I sad that I didn’t get this mystery mermaid. I wasn’t very excited about the last one, but this is a beauty. Sigh. I guess I can hope that someday Laura will release the chart.


    1. Aw, Karen, don’t be sad. I am sure Laura will release it again soon. She is a beauty and she has such a sweet face! Love her. I am working on her right now 🙂


    1. Thanks Angela. I am working on the last section now. Hopefully not too long before she is finished. But then there is all the beautiful beadwork to add. It will be amazing!

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