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Mermaid Coral Charms is All Beaded


WIN_20151021_212205 (2)

WIN_20151021_211647 (2)


I finished her last night.  Nora Corbett’s Coral Charms.  She is a little beauty and she sure has a lot of beads.  I am now working on mermaid #3 of my trio and hope to finish beading her tonight.  Then I can reveal the entire mermaid trio.  I am so excited about this piece!

25 thoughts on “Mermaid Coral Charms is All Beaded

    1. Thank you, Amy. The purple hair was part of the pattern. I think it looks cool. I finished the last mermaid last night, so watch for a full reveal very soon 😉


    1. Thank you, Michelle. The beading does take time, especially if there are lots of beads as there were in Coral. But I love the beading part. It adds all that sparkly goodness that makes it perfect.

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