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Well, that one skein of London Fog variegated thread didn’t take long to use up.  I finished page 1 of the first section and now have to put this project aside and wait for the other 28 skeins that I ordered, to come in.  Here is where I left off:


I am really loving this project and I am not happy that I have to put it aside for now.  Here is a close up so you can see what the colors are in the London Fog by Sullivans floss:


So while I wait for my LNS to call me and tell me my threads are in, I have picked up Ella, The Frog Princess and will stitch on her until I get my threads.


 I stitched on her a little bit last night, but looking at all that yellow makes me feel I will never get it done.  But today I am thinking that every stitch I put into her is one stitch closer to a finish, right?  So tonight I am hoping to put many stitches into her.

Is there a particular color of thread or yarn that you hate stitching?

29 thoughts on “I HAVE RUN OUT OF THREAD!

  1. For cross stitch, I hate doing light coloured thread on light fabric (whitish on white) as I can never tell what I’ve already done! For yarn I hate really dark colours cos you can’t see where you’re putting the hook.

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  2. It’s so sad you had to stop working on your piece but it is very nice that you have something else to do while you wait. For me with cross stitching I hate when I have to do so much of a dark colour. When I’m cross stitching I really love doing nice bright happy like colours, but truthfully if I had to do all that yellow I think it would be really annoying and I would just want to do another colour.


      1. I don’t know about still liking yellow. Ella is slow going. I am secretly hoping my yarn order comes in soon so I can start a crochet project and put Ella away again. It’s really surprising, because I collect frogs and Princess Tiana is my favorite Disney Princess. So you would think I would be stitching like crazy on Ella to get her done. It must be the yellow. Ugh! So much more yellow to go, too. Give me strength!

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  3. The sampler is turning out yummy 😁 Too bad about the forced break, but it’s a good chance to be done with those yellows. 😉
    For me, it’s not colors but monotonous nature that makes something boring – I’ll probably never finish a sweater with round after round of only stockinette stitches… ☺


  4. London Fog is really a nice color, I hope you receive it soon.
    Ella is looking great, and yes, every little stitch helps and is closer to a finish.
    I don’t care to stitch large areas of white or black, it gets boring. lol


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I will keep on plugging away with Ella and who knows, maybe I will even get the bottom of this dress done before I put her away again. It would be nice to finish her and cross her off my list as a WIP. Large areas of the same color really do get boring. I agree that white and black are the worst! Give me pink any day 😉


  5. I love the London Fog. Truely something different. I would not like to have to put it away either. Keeping my fingers crossed they deliver your extra order soonest.
    In the meantime, go with the yellow. It is super cheerful. Enjoy.


      1. I can not agree more. The yarn is perfect, excellent choice. I just wish I could stitch as well. 🙂 Definitely a skill I want to work on, specially this year. You are a true inspiration. Thanks. 🙂


      2. Thank you so much. I used to embroider when I was much younger, but now the eyes only allow for delicate work when it is bright and sunny. 🙂
        Thank you for your compliment on my knitting, I do love to knit and crochet.


  6. I don’t; like knitting with black yarn because it is hard to see. And I don’t; like knitting big things with olive green yarn because I don’t like the color – rather like you and the yellow – feels like it will never be done. 🙂

    But I have a question about how you stitch with London Fog. I was taught to do my cross stitch by doing all the stitches in the row or area of a color in one direction, then going back and crossing them all in the other direction. But with a variegated thread, that really wouldn’t work well. So do you complete the whole stitch before you move on? Does that use up more thread than going up the row and back down it?


    1. You are correct about the variegated and hand dyed threads- You make 1 X at a time. Not sure if it uses more thread doing it that way or not. Maybe so since you have to come back down to create the next X. Anyway, doing one X at a time makes the variegated colors come up as they are on the skein. You also have to remember that when pulling the strands apart that you put the same ends together so as not to get a “muddy look” when stitching.

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