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Where Did April Go?

Hello my blogging friends! April really got away from me.  I didn’t post anything!  And here it is almost mid May.  I don’t have much to show in the way of crafting.  April kept us busy with the basement issue.  I am happy to say that the construction part is done, aside from a couple of minor issues.  Painting is scheduled for near the end of the month and hopefully carpet will follow.  While the actual process wasn’t too bad (we’ll be cleaning concrete dust from everything for months to come) the work we had to do before was the worst.  Packing and moving everything out.  And we will have to unpack it all and move it back soon.  We thought about painting and recarpeting the whole house, but that is going to have to be another time.  We live in a quad level house and there isn’t much space for moving furniture out of rooms, so I am not ready to do all that again.

So, what have I been up to?  A lot of scrapbooking while the workers were here.  Evenings were spent knitting or cross stitching.  Last week I finished the “Waiting For Spring” shawl from Woolenberry, that I started in February. And today I took it off of the blocking mats.

Waiting for spring shawl start

Waiting for Spring progress

Waiting for Spring shawl off the needles

shawl blocking

Shawl on the blocking mats.  It is quite the process trying to get it all evened out and as close to dimensions as possible.

wating for spring shawl blocking

Love how the pattern looks all stretched out.

waiting for spring shawl 1

I think it came out so beautiful!  Love the way this yarn drapes and it is so soft.

waiting for spring shawl 2

So pretty!

Waiting for spring shawl 3

It will probably have to wait until Fall to be worn.  Or maybe some chilly evening.  I do love how it turned out.  Again, the pattern is Waiting for Spring by Woolenberry and is available on Ravelry in her 2019 Shawl Club.  Next week the Summer Shawl will come out, and I am thrilled to have the Spring one finished before the Summer one comes out.  The yarn I used is AJHC Wools Basic Sock in Silenus colorway.

I have also been working on the Sun Flower pillow.  It is slow going, with lots of confetti stitching, but I am determined to get it done this year 😉

Sunflower Pillow progress

So that is what I have been spending my time doing.  What are you up to these days?



29 thoughts on “Where Did April Go?

  1. That IS a lovely shawl! Pretty pillow, too.

    Glad the construction is done… does it seem like it will be drier?

    I have been working long hours and knitting. I hope to have something finished this weekend. That always feels good.


    1. Thank you, Salpal1. The company that did the waterproofing guarantees we will not get water in our basement from ground water. Can you believe that when the contractors tore out the platform in the corner of the basement they found a sump pump casing in the floor that was filled with water? The best we can guess is when the garage was added, they decided they didn’t need it for whatever reason. We have had tons of rain the last few weeks and no sign of water in the basement. So that is a good thing 🙂 Good luck with your project this weekend. I look forward to seeing and reading about it on your blog.

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  2. Beautiful shawl and I really like the colour of the fabric for your cross stitch pillow. I hope it all goes smoothly with the work so you can stitch and knit in peace soon enough.


  3. Glad most of your construction work is done.
    Your shawl is beautiful, love the color too.
    Sunflowers is looking great, it sure will be beautiful!
    I’ve been stitching a few Patriotic things.
    I am also going to paint the downstairs soon, but need to wash the walls first, the people that lived here were chain smokers. 😦
    Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I will be so happy when it is all finished and my house is organized again. I am so pleased with how the shawl turned out. And the pillow is coming along, slowly, but coming along. It is looking more like sunflowers now. Sounds like you will be all set with the upcoming patriotic holidays. Good luck with the painting. Nicotine is not fun to wash off of the walls.


  4. Salpal1, Before the garage was added on, the sump pump exit pumps went out that side of the house. We actually found them when they pulled all the drywall out. I think that that it wasn’t working anyway, so they decided to pull it out and not have one. I am sure the basement was getting wet when the previous owner owned the house. I know he did a lot of remodeling before selling, and probably didn’t want to put a new sump pump in if he was planning on selling the house. We never had standing water in the basement. The carpet did get damp on the one side of the basement. Until they moved the gutters when the replaced them, then we did get water on the one side. It was not above the carpet though. Anyway, it’s done, we are lucky we never had standing water and that the only things ruined were a Sofa bed and computer desk. All of my scrapbooks were in cupboards on the other side of the basement, thank goodness. And all of my photos, negatives and photo CD’s were down there, too. I am definitely lucky.


  5. So the basement is coming along nicely. I am glad to hear that. Soon it will all be over and done with. 🙂
    Moving furniture into other rooms or places is exactly why I still have a carpet in my living area, even though I have been wanting to get rid of it for ages too. We did the passage, which is a big space with books and shelves all along the one side, like a mini library. That was enough for me, for now. 😉 Much better with just the floor there, and I love it, so I hope to one day have the courage to do the last area.
    Your shawl is fabulous. And the yarn!! Well done, it is amazing. I would be looking forward to a chilly evening, just to give it a try.
    I love this stitching piece. It is very different from your normal work, and you are doing an excellent job in getting it done, you have done so much already.
    All the best with the last bits of repairs. Then the moving back can start.
    Have a good May, and may you have wonderful weather.


    1. Thank you, Joey ❤ The basement looks so small now. We have lost inches on every wall and the corner is now a closet that houses the sump pump. Good thing we got rid of the sofa bed and large desk as they won't fit back in the places they were. I think it will be fun getting new things to put down there and get things out of the garage and other rooms in the house. I know all won't be going back and am probably going to get rid of more. Looking forward to getting it all put back together and I know that hubby is definitely looking forward to getting his tv back as well as his computer area. It is a bit cramped in the spare bedroom right now. But we have lasted this long, a few more months should be a piece of cake. I too love how the shawl turned out and the yarn is so beautiful and soft. I think I made a great choice. I have already purchased yarn for the Summer shawl that will come out this week and can't wait to get started on it. Yesterday I put the pillow away for a while and pulled out the Peacock Mystery Sampler. I have 2 months sections to get caught up on. They are small, so they shouldn't take too long. Our weather has still been cold, but today will get to 65 and then upwards from there. I hope your May is awesome and you have lots of happy crafting.

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      1. Pity about having to loose a bit of space, but then again, it is an ideal opportunity to “redo” the place and give it a bit of a make over. I like doing that. It is so much fun looking on the internet for new ideas and colours to use. I am sure the “new” space will be great and loved and appreciated. A few more months wont matter in the end.
        So glad you got more yarn, your knitting is beautiful, and your yarns are all so soft and pretty.
        Happy stitching there too. 🙂 It is slightly cooler here, but as soon as the sun is out, we seem to head out and make the most of it. My stitching has been slow, but soon it will be to chilly to venture out, and then I can stitch to my hearts content again. 🙂
        Have a good week and enjoy. xx

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  6. Absolutely adore the shawl, Ginny – the color, the pattern, the yarn – everything’s gorgeous, and you’ve done a fantastic job with it! I do hope you get to wear it before fall. 🙂 Glad your basement is mostly sorted out, and only the non-tedious parts remain. Except for moving things back in, of course, but that can happen in its own time, lol… 😉 Your progress on the sunflower pillow is amazing – in spite of all the confetti stitching pains, I think it’ll look beautiful when you’re done.


    1. Thank you, Anita. I do love the shawl, too. Our weather is finally getting warmer, so it may be Fall when I get to wear it. We’ll see. Yep, the basement is getting done and soon the painting will start and then carpet and we will finally be able to put it all back together again. We have lost quite a bit of space in a couple of the walls, so it will be fun planning it all out and shopping for new things. And getting all the boxes and bins out of the garage and from rooms in my house. I just want to be back to normal 🙂 I have put the pillow away for now and pulled out the peacock sampler. Need to catch up on the last 2 months of that one and maybe today I will be starting a new shawl. I will post soon 🙂

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  7. So pleased to hear the basement work is underway. It won’t be long before you’ll have it all ship-shape again and just how you want it. I love the purple shades in the yarn you’ve used. It looks really soft and snuggly. I’ve been doing more gardening than crafting recently. I planted out the sunflower seedlings yesterday. Lovely to see you’re playing with sunflowers too 🙂


    1. I am hoping by the end of summer the basement will be decorated like we want it and all things put back in place. I too like the color of the shawl and am happy I didn’t pick a Spring color based on the name of the shawl. It’s perfect 🙂 Sounds like you have a Sunflower theme going on all around you 😉

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  8. beautiful knitting! And I love what your are stitching! I’ve been stitching here and there though I haven’t stitches anything it a week. Been tired after work and just wanting to lie in bed. And on my day off which is today I’m going out to be in the sun. It is not a day to be inside to stitch. Hope to see more from you soon.


    1. Thank you, Ivydade234. I am so happy with my shawl. I have since put the sunflowers away for a bit to catch up on the Mystery Sampler. It will be back out again soon 😉 It is cloudy and spitting rain today. Going to get my hair done and maybe get in some stitching. Enjoy that sunshine 🙂

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  9. Breathtakingly beautiful shawl. It’s so light and airy. It’ll be pretty with most any thing you wear. Love your cross stitch too. It’s going to make a lovely pillow. 🙂


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