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Hello December

Can you believe December is here?  This year has really flown by.  Except for this last month.  But only because I have had my Yarny Advent Calendar for about a month now and have been dying to dive into it!

advent calendar

This is my first time getting a yarny advent calendar.  This year is actually the first time I have heard of these types of advent calendars and just had to try it out.  I love AJHC Wools yarns, so of course I had to purchase her kit.  I actually purchased this over the summer and it was delivered to my local yarn shop last month.  It’s been a long month and I will not lie…I peeked at box#1 days before December 1.  I didn’t actually open the box.  My hubby did.  But I did beg to peek at it.  I couldn’t wait until December 1 to get started.  The kit has 24 micro skeins, all new colors just for the advent.  And finally December 1 came and I finally was able to get started around noon that day.

day 1 of advent calendar

Oh my gosh!!!  Just look at that skein of pastel goodness!! I enjoyed my self care time, knitting 19 rows of the shawl beginning.  Aaaahhhh.  But it went by so quick.  Waiting until the next day to see the next skein and add more knitting is such a long wait!  Here is my where I am at, after Day 5 this morning.

advent knitting day 5

It’s so beautiful!!  I am loving the colors of the yarns and seeing how they blend each day.  How did I ever miss out on this wonderful idea? Have you purchased a yarny advent calendar before?

I have also been working on my granny squares for the Natures Walk Blanket.  I have one more square to crochet up and 11 more to block.

blocking squares

I have enough of these very cool blocking pins from Knitters Pride to block 6 squares at a time.  So I have been switching them out every night.  I was very disappointed the first day I removed pins.  My squares, that were stretched to 6 1/2″, shrunk back to the 6 1/4″ they started at.  I could literally see the block shrink when I removed the pins.  Ugh.  All the work I have done, to be undone.  I thought I was doing something wrong, but I am told by a friend that some yarns have yarn memory.  She said to be sure that all of my blocks are the same size and to continue blocking them.  All of my blocks are between 6 1/4″ and 6 1/2″.  So I am hoping they will all line up ok once I start stitching them together.  Which will be pretty soon!!  I am so excited!  Here are my squares so far:


The stack on the left has been blocked and lay so flat now.  I can see how blocking helps the stitches lay flat even though they are not blocking to size.  The mauve ones on top look wavy, but they have buds on them that have some dimension to them.  They actually do lay flat except for the buds.

And lastly, I have been keeping up with the 2019 Mystery Sampler from Linen and Threads.  I am on the last border and it is fabulous!!

2019 mystery sampler border

I am hoping to finish this by the end of December.  I’d show you the whole piece now, but the frame that it is on has become a bit wonky and a piece of it broke, so I don’t want to unroll it until I have to.  I don’t remember the name of this frame type.  The rods at the top and bottom are split and have little nails all the way across that you put your fabric into.  I can say I am not a fan of this style and this one will have to go in the garbage when I am done with it. It did serve it’s purpose this year, I suppose.

So that is what I have been up to for now.  I don’t remember what else I have worked on, but I think I have shared my main projects.  What have you been crafting on lately?

For now I will leave you with one of my favorite fall  photos I took on October 28, and then 2 weeks later, our first snow fall of 9″.

fall trees and pool reflection

I love the beautiful reflection of the trees in the pool.

first snow



20 thoughts on “Hello December

  1. That yarn makes me want to buy an advent kit too! It’s just gorgeous! Your mystery sampler is stunning. I really like your Nature’s Walk blocks too, going to add that one to my list for next year!


    1. The advent calendar is so fun. I look forward to seeing the new yarn everyday and seeing my shawl come to life. AJ did sell out of her advent calendars this year. There may be other dyers that still have some, or watch out for them next year. I am loving the final border of the Sampler. I can’t believe how many evenings it is taking me to do 1 butterfly! But it will be awesome when finished. I finished my last granny square last night! So excited!! I am hoping to start joining them together this weekend. You will love making the squares when you get to it.

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  2. Love the calendar, I am sure it is going to be a great time opening them all.
    Well done on the crochet, you are mastering this in no time. 🙂
    Enjoy the embroidery, and keep warm there.
    I enjoy the Autumn photo, the colours are to beautiful. And the snow will always be my favourite. 🙂 We are getting some much needed rain at the moment, third day today. I am not complaining, and making the most of it to eat all the yummy treats and craft indoors. 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend, December and Happy Holidays. xx


    1. Thank you, Joey, for all of your sweet comments. I am so excited that I have now completed all of the granny squares for the blanket!! Just a handful more to block and I hope to start joining them this weekend. Rainy days make great stay inside, craft and relax days. Enjoy your time inside while your much needed rain is there. It is a busy time of year, but I am hoping to get more time to blog in before the year is gone. Take care and happy stitching and crafting 🙂

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  3. lots of lovely yarn there. I’m way behind on the CAL . . . xmas crafting took priority and now I need to get back to it.


    1. Thanks, Claire93. I am enjoying all of my projects and am so excited to have finished my final granny square last night. It took me almost 2 months to crochet them all, but I frogged a lot, learned a lot and had fun. Now to finish blocking and hopefully start the joining process. It is new to me, so I hope it goes well. I have a few things I want to craft for X-mas giving. Enjoy all of your crafting 🙂

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  4. That looks like a box of fun!
    Is there enough in those small skeins to knit the whole shawl?
    Your SAL is looking so pretty.
    We had snow the last days of October, way too early, now it’s warmer out too, crazy WI weather!
    I am currently finishing up Hester Biddleton, a Sampler.
    Have a great weekend!


    1. You are right, Marilyn! It is a box of fun and I am enjoying it so much. There are 24 Micro skeins, each with 46 yards and one full skein that is 460 yards. It will complete a whole shawl 🙂 I know winter has barely begun here in Michigan, but already, I am longing for Spring again. Enjoy your Sampler and stay warm.


  5. Yarny Advent Calendar sounds fun. I like those colors too. a Your project is looking good.
    Your Natures Walk Blanket squares are really pretty.
    Thanks for sharing about the pins. Very handy helpers, they seem to be.
    I agree with your friend about the block sizes. The squares for my ‘Country Apples Afghan’ were different sizes within 1/4 inch and they blocked up fine after a wash.
    Hard to believe that your at the end of the ‘2019 Mystery Sampler’. I know it’ll look beautiful when it’s finished.
    Your nature photos are lovely. It’s amazing what a few days make. The snow looks like a Christmas card.
    At this moment, I’m not crafting anything. I’m waiting for inspiration to hit. lol
    Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


    1. Thank you, E.C., for all of your lovely comments. It is hard to believe that a whole year has gone by and the end of another sampler is in sight. I am looking forward to seeing what the next one will be. I am looking forward to maybe starting the joining of all of my squares. This will be a first for me, so I am nervous. I do hope that you find something to inspire you to get crafting. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  6. I’ve been seeing all sorts of artsy advent calendars lately, so why not a yarny one! 🙂 Your temptation to peek into the kit is so relatable, lol… Love the yarn, and it looks like you’re making great progress on it. Beautiful crochet squares too, and it’s exciting to almost be at the finish line for the Linen and Threads sampler as well! I’m cheering you on. 🙂
    Stay warm, and enjoy the season and your crafting.


    1. I was so surprised to hear about the yarny advent. It is a bit pricy, but my local yarn shop purchased them and offered 1/2 down when ordering them over the summer and then the balance due in November. I couldn’t resist. And I am happy I purchased. I appreciate you cheering me on to finish the sampler. I am going to need it, with only getting 1/2 a butterfly finished in an evening. I hope you stay warm as well and I look forward to see what you are crafting 🙂

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  7. What a great idea for an advent calendar! I love the SAL and am looking forward to seeing the whole piece once you take it off the frame. Your autumn trees are just gorgeous too and lucky you to have snow! We have wind and rain in the UK at present – boo! Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year.


    1. Thank you, Christine. I feel like I have so much going on right now, but I have been dedicating a little time each evening to work on the SAL. I am hoping to get it finished by the end of December. I will definitely post full pictures of it when it is finished. There is just a covering of snow on the ground from some snow squalls the other day. It is very cold though, so that is why it hasn’t melted. I’d be happy if that was all the snow we were getting for the rest of the year. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well 🙂

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