Fairy Flora

Good morning my stitching friends.  I am afraid I have been missing in action for the last few weeks.  It’s just been a busy time for me with my son just finishing up track, the end of school nearing, and catalog transition for Stampin’ Up!  So I am afraid that I don’t have any updates to my stitching projects as I haven’t been able to stitch much.  I did put the Mediterranean Mermaid in to be framed yesterday and will post a photo when I get her back. I also picked up a few things and ordered a few things, so I will share those later this week.   Today I thought I would share another one of my finishes from a while back.  She is Fairy Flora:

I finished stitching her up in 1995.  She is stitched on 28ct Jobelan, a pretty shade of blue.  It was the first time I stitched on 28ct fabric.  Well, it’s going to be a warm one here in Michigan today, so I need to finish the laundry before it gets too hot in the house.  I’m hoping to pick up my needle tonight and add a few stitches to something.  I lhope that your needle is gliding through fabric today, too.