Summer Angel

Good afternoon, my blogging friends.  I have another stitched  piece to share with you today.

She is Summer Angel by Lavender and Lace.  Before I found Mirabilia, I found Lavender & Lace (aka Told in A Garden).  I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her and stitched her up in 1994.  I love her pink dress.  If you know me, then you know I LOVE pink.  Even back then.  And that she was an Angel pulled me in, too.  I remember the beaded garland was a pain to stitch-all confetti stitching.  Not my favorite, but am glad I stuck to it.  She is a favorite of mine and currently hangs in my dining room.  Some day I would like to stitch Angels from the other seasons so that I can change the Angel with the season.  I’ll just add that to my list of things “To Stitch, Some Day”. Ha!

3 thoughts on “Summer Angel

  1. Since I do not do counted cross-stitch, I can’t say I know what was involved in making that garland…but let me say – it was worth it! She is gorgeous – and I’m glad you stuck with it too!


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