Oh what pretties!

Look what arrived in my mailbox:

I ordered these fabrics from Picture This Plus during their 25% off sale in July.  They are so BEAUTIFUL!!  They are all 16ct-my favorite fabby to stitch on.  And all of the edges were serged for me so they are all ready to go when I decided what I want to put on them.  Isn’t that awesome? And each fabric was tagged with the name of the color, the count, the dimensions and the cost. I am so impressed.   This is my first time ordering from them and I was quite pleased.  A bit anxious waiting the 6 weeks to get them because of their huge sale, but well worth the wait.  I will be ordering from them again in the future.  Now to decide what to stitch on them…

7 thoughts on “Oh what pretties!

    1. Yep, and it’s partially your fault :o) And everyone else that has posted on their blog the beautiful hand dyed fabrics that they have picked up and are using in their awesome projects. I don’t think that I am up to sniffing them just yet, though. Hehe


  1. Oh these are gorgeous!! I recently purchased 2 fabrics from a lady on eBay who is selling her stash. I love them!! They are both serged on the ends and one of them is a hand-dyed one!! My first hand dyed!! EEEEEEKKKK!!


  2. I know that the stitching you will do on these fabrics will be as equally lovely as the fabrics themselves! Isn’t it wonderful when your expectations are not only met – but exceeded – when you deal with a company???


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