I Love to Organize!

I don’t know about you, but there is something I just love about organizing.  And the companies that make bins, baskets, boxes, bags and buckets know this and rely on this.  Today I want to share with you my newest find for organizing my Kreinik threads. About a year ago I “de-kitted” my cross stitch kits because I realized that I was buying duplicates of beads (a future post) and krenik threads.  These things are not cheap.  So I put them in an Art Bin box that has spindles for spools of thread.  Since the Kreinik threads are so thin, there was so much empty space being wasted and I have been on the look out for a new way to organize my threads.  So here is what I found over the weekend:

Krenik thread storage

This cute little pink box (had to have it in pink although it does come in other colors) that is called the “Really Useful Box”.  I found it at an office store and they come in many shapes and sizes from a very small box that will fit in the palm of your hand all the way up to great big storage bins.  This one happens to be the 1.7 litre size and is quite perfect!

krenik thread storage 3

After putting them in the box, in numerical order, by type, there was a little wiggle room and I didn’t want them to get all jumbled up.  So I took some thin card board ( I get it in the 12 x 12 paper packs I purchase from Stampin’ Up!) and made some dividers.  I  cut 10 strips   5 5/8″ x 2″ and they worked perfectly!  I still have a little room to grow before I purchase another one.  I even cut some extra dividers in preparation for the next box 🙂

krenik thread storage 2

It has a clear lid so that I can see what is inside without having to take the lid off.  This will come in handy when I spill over to the second box.  I think this is the perfect box for my Kreinik threads and I don’t anticipate having to re-organize them again in the future.  I just love it when an organization problem is solved.

10 thoughts on “I Love to Organize!

    1. Karen, I found it at Office Depot, but I know that alot of stores have been carrying their little tiny, palm size boxes so they may carry the whole line. Like Target.


    1. I am pretty anal about my things being organized. And if the current organization doesn’t work, then I am always looking for something better. It’s so nice to go right where I need to when I have to have something.


  1. After we talked about this, I found 3 boxes (smaller than yours) that I already had to organize my Kreiniks. I spent last night putting each kind in their own box. Now I have to steal your idea for the dividers! You are an organizing genius!


    1. Thanks Johanna. Glad you were able to use something you already had on hand to organize your threads. You’ll have to post a pic so I can see.


  2. Also, Rifestitch forwarded me an excel spreadsheet which I use to reduce the number of duplicate threads I have for each project. If you PM me your email address (is such a thing possible on WordPress?) or look me up on Facebook (Christine Davies) I’ll send you an example copy.


    1. Thanks Christine. I will look you up. That is what happens when I kit too much and stitch not enough to keep up 🙂 I look forward to your help in not duplicating threads in the future. Does it work for beads, too? I’m even worse in that department. Sigh


      1. I got your email and forwarded a couple of spreadsheets to you – have fun! It’s a bit time consuming initially but the end result is that you don’t have the contents of your wallet sitting doing nothing in your stitching drawer 😉


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