Introducing Emmie!

I finished Emerald Mermaid over the weekend and she looks beautiful and sparkly!

Emerald Mermaid finish

Karen referred to her as Emmie in one of her comments posted on my blog and I rather like the name and have since been calling her Emmie.  She was truly a joy to stitch,  once I got past the fabric problems.  I was quite sad to put the last bead on her and to add my initials and date.

Emerald's beading

Emerald's face

The colors in her are so rich and the beads are perfectly placed.  Just look at her face.  Isn’t she just the sweetest?

Emerald's tail

And that tail!  I can’t resist mermaid tail 🙂 So now I will start saving $$ to get her framed exactly like Mediterranean Mermaid. Both will hang on either side of Enchanted mermaid in my living room.  I will be sure to take pictures when she is framed and hung.

16 thoughts on “Introducing Emmie!

  1. OH Ginny! She is absolutely BREATHTAKING!!!! I literally GASPED out loud when I saw her!!!! LOVE those swirls on her body…her flowing tail….and that rose vine….WOWWWWW!!!!!


    1. Thank you Karen. I am very pleased with how she turned out. Now I can’t wait to get her framed and hung as well as Mediterannean Mermaid. She has been sitting on the mantle, below where she will hang, waiting for Miss Emmie. Then I will have 3 mermaids, smack, dab in the middle of my living room 🙂


    1. Thanks, Hannah. I am really not a fast stitcher. I started this one on Jan. 1 and there was about a week or in there that I didn’t get to stitch. So not too bad for a smaller Mirabilia.


  2. This came out so beautiful! I love all the beads and sparkle. I can’t wait to see her framed and hanging on the wall.
    So what’s your next project? 😉


    1. Thank you. I can’t wait to get her framed, too. Have to save up some $$ for that. I will be sure to post pictures when I do. My next project…I am prepping my next Round Robin which is Asian themed. Then I will start my next mermaid-Siren and the Shipwreck. Have everything all ready to go 🙂


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