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I was pulling threads for my next project and realized that I never shared where I store my skeins of floss.  DMC cabinet

I think that Hubby ordered this for me back in 1998.  It is a limited edition DMC floss cabinet.  I have number 1386 of 2000 made in 1999.  I remember it took a long time to get as they were ordered in advance and made after ordering.  It’s in my living room, so it is a little scratched up from 2 boys and their toys over the years.  But I love it!  I have patterns to stitch panels for the doors that will have my initials on them.  I just haven’t gotten to yet.  I’ve liked the wood doors for years, and only this last year dug out the patterns to do in the near future.  Here is what it looks like when I open the doors:

dmc cabinet open

It has 13 drawers and the first 12 drawers are numbered with dmc floss numbers. The drawers have sections in the front and back for the floss.

close of dmc cabinet drawers

dmc drawer

Whenever I need floss for a project, I usually check my boxes of bobbins first and then pull the threads that I need from here.  I make a list of what is empty and the next time I go to Joannes or Michaels I pick up the colors and replace them.  I have noticed that some of my floss skeins are really old and a slightly different color than a newer skein.  I hope I pay attention to this when I want to use those colors on a project and make sure that I don’t use them together.  I love my floss cabinet.  It’s so fun to open a drawer and see all the beautiful colors.  The bottom drawer is my “junk drawer” of the cabinet.  It’s full of black and white floss and duplicate skeins.  I also store all of my needles, small scissors and some varigated floss in there.  Where do you store you embroidery floss?

DMC logo plate

42 thoughts on “My Floss Storage

  1. Wipe the drool off of you face, Johanna! I’ve not seen this since it was first advertised back in 1998 I think it was. I guess it was a well kept secret. I’ll be sure to let hubby know that it’s yours when I die. One less thing he will have to figure out how to get rid of 🙂

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  2. Oh my word…this is wonderful – much better than my craft boxes and huge plastic baggies for excess skeins. Having your floss so well stored will almost make you want to stitch more! LOL


    1. Thanks Sue. Or it will make me buy more, hehe. I love to organize. But my floss is one thing that I have never had to change my mind about organizing since getting this.


  3. I just got on at a junk store!! It is nice but the drawers are missing!! I didn’t know what it was when I saw it and found your post!! Mine is number 1926!! Thanks for posting your post so I could find out what it was used for!!


    1. Oh No! I can’t believe that the drawers were missing. Are you going to try to find them? Maybe call DMC and see they could replace them. If you are not going to use it as a floss holder with drawers, there could be so many uses for this cabinet. You could store hand dyed fabric in it if you collect them 🙂 Let me know what you decide to do with it. I’m glad my post helped you out. That is awesome.


  4. I have one of these beautiful DMCcabinets as well. My number is 69 of 2000. I sure enjoy mine to. Sad that there are more threads now than slots with the last new 16 DMC floss that came out in 2013 and the previous ones on 2000. What can you do. Lol


    1. Congrats on having one of these beautiful cabinets. You purchased yours quite early, I see by your number. I do need to clean my bottom drawer out and organize the added numbers better. But your are right; what can we do? Better than having floss discontinued 🙂


  5. Do you know the value of this box. I just got one from a friend that was going to throw it out.. It is really nice shape and has all the floss in it.


    1. It is a limited edition piece and when hubby purchased it for me, it had to be pre-ordered. With shipping it was around $400 or more. What a great gift for you!


    1. I agree, Lucille. I love to organize my stash. If it’s not organized, I just don’t feel like I can craft. I love this little piece of furniture to organize all of my floss.


  6. I forgot I even had this because it was tucked away in my basement. Mine is in pristine condition and I would be interested in selling it if you know of someone who would like to have it. It is full of the original threads. I am 70 now and don’t work with type of floss, but rather use perle cotton #5 for punch needle. You can contact me via my wordpress site, whimseytopia.wordpress.com. I enjoyed visiting your site. Thanks for sharing. Patsye


  7. My wife has number 1081 and we are downsizing our home and moving to an apartment. It is packed with all the threads and then some. If you want it, in excellent condition, it is 500.00 plus shipping. You may call her at 717-762-0336. She also has a stitching stand in like new condition for an additional 50.00. Posted 5/13/19 to this site. We will also listed both items on Craigs list.


  8. cabinet still for sale. we found more stuff that goes with the cabinet. In light of additional stuff, books, special issue threads, thread brochures, etc price raised to 700-well worth the few extra dollars


  9. HI – I just acquired one. It belonged to a friend’s Mother. #0344. I just love it.
    I have seen comments on other sites that it came with patterns to make panels for the doors. Do you have them? Can you tell me anything about them??

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  10. It is an amazing shelf. I love mine, too. There were patterns that came with. I think there was some letters so that you could put your initials on the doors. I always wanted to stitch them for my doors. I remember some kind of leafy vines or greenery. I have them somewhere. I will have to see if I can find them.


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