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Emerald is Getting Beaded

I’m about half way through beading Emerald Mermaid.  She is looking awesome!

Beading Emerald

I should be finished with her this week.  She really has a lot of beads on her.  But the more beads, the more sparkle 🙂  When I finish her, it will be time to start my Asian design for the Joan Eliott Round Robin.  I received my fabric from Stephanie on Saturday. It was a long time trying to get what I wanted.  Stephanie worked really hard to make me happy.  Here is what she came up with:

Mocha Delight

It is 28 ct Jobelan Mocha Delight.  There isn’t a lot of color variations in the fabric but the color is really going to make my Geisha girls pop as well as the cherry blossoms I intend to put on my layout.  I will post a picture when I get it stitched and ready to go.  Thank you Stephanie for taking the time to make me happy 🙂

11 thoughts on “Emerald is Getting Beaded

    1. Thank you Hannah. Some people don’t like to bead, but I love it. And it does give the project so much sparkle.Give it a try. You can add beads or treasures to any project.


    1. Thank you, Johanna. She is going to be so sparkly when she is done. For a smaller mermaid, she sure has lots of beads. I am looking forward to stitching on your RR also. Since I get your last, I will wait until then to decide which fairy I will stitch on it. I


    1. Thanks, Karen. I love that you called her Emmie 🙂 I think I will call her that from now on. It suits her. As soon as I finish her, I will be starting my RR. I can’ wait! I’m looking forward to stitching on yours, too. Something purple. I’m still deciding 🙂


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