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Some Stitching, a Framing and Some Goodies

It’s been a while since I posted.  So I have lots to share.  First, some stitching.

chicadee on right side

I finally finished the chickadee and cherry blossoms on the right side of my Geisha Round Robin just in time for mailing last week.  The title will have to wait until it returns home next year.  Here is how the whole thing looked before mailing it off to Johanna:

Geisha RR ready for mailing

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, except that the fabric is 28ct Jobelan.  Too stretchy for me. Since I like my fabric taught when I stitch and I tend to stitch a little too tight,  the piece seems to be a little out of shape now.  Maybe it will go back into place after everyone does their stitching on it.  I’ll deal with that once it comes back home.  It’s going to be so bright and colorful when it’s finished.  I know that the 7 gals that will be stitching on it will do a great job.  And I am looking forward to stitching on theirs.

While we are on the subject of Round Robins, this is the Round Robin I did last year.  I finally put it in to be framed a few weeks ago and picked it up today.  I tried a new framer, and not sure if I am 100% happy with it yet or not.  There seems to be some puckering at the bottom, but I will leave it for a few days to see if the hot, humid weather has anything to do with it.

Fairy RR framed

Sorry about the poor photo.  Seems I may have to enlist a friend with her awesome photo taking abilities to come and take blog photos for me.  My camera is just not doing the trick these days.  Anyway, I love all the fairies that were stitched for me on this piece.  So beautiful and sparkly in person.

Now for some goodies.  A few months back I won this from  Pretty Little Things in a Box  blog giveaway.

Copy of 100_5131She made some really cute vintage rings and I won this adorable one.  She folded the back down so it almost lays flat.  I may use it that way.  Not sure yet.  If you want to make your own, you can visit her blog for directions on how she creates them.

Next up is a piece of fabric I won over at My Stitchy Ramblings blog.

Goodies from KarenOMG!  I totally fell in love with this piece of fabric!  It has nice light colors, it’s 16 ct Aida and it’s SPARKLY!!  So, so beautiful.  I love it, Karen.  And she was so sweet and made me some awesome scroll covers for my scroll frames.  Isn’t she just the sweetest?  I will post a pic soon with the monkey ones on my scroll frame.

So, I think I am caught up now…I am currently stitching on Karen’s Round Robin, but don’t want to post until I am finished.  I have some things on order, some things kitted up to start and just last week I signed up for Passione Ricamao’s Mystery SAL.  This will be a first for me-SAL and Mystery SAL.  The enablers out there  seem to think it’s a mermaid (thanks Julie 🙂 ) And you all know that I can’t resist a mermaid.  Hopefully I won’t be away for quite so long next time.  I have missed you 🙂

17 thoughts on “Some Stitching, a Framing and Some Goodies

  1. Love how the birds came out!

    I think your new framer could have done a better job on that fabric. I don’t think the humidity will make any difference. Sorry.

    I’m so glad that my beautiful fabric went to a loving home. It’s like giving away a beloved pet. 🙂


    1. Love your Fairies round robin framed!! It is beautiful. Love your Geisha round robin-you know that would be my favorite from the start. Also loved the japanese lady’s log. It kept bouncing on the page-prolly my ‘puter. Couldn’t bookmark it either. Would like to follow her, too. Soon I will be stitching!!


      1. Thanks, Marsha. I know you like the Geisha’s and I will be sure to keep you updated with it’s progress over the next year. It will be so fun to see it grow. Fairies are going to be headed back to the framer. Not perfect so will give it another try. You should sign up for a google account and follow blogs that way. You will get the updates in your email box when they post.


    2. Thanks, Karen. I think the birds are a great addition to this piece. I do think the weather and especially humidity do come into play with our treasures. Museums keep their facilities at certain temps. to avoid harm being done to art. I have 2 mermaid pieces in my bathroom and when the showers create the humid air in there, the fabric will pucker. Once the bathroom returns to “normal” temp. they snap back into shape. But the wrinkles in the fairy piece are just not pulled right. And the beads on your block are sideways and he didn’t put spacers in like I asked. So it’s going back just as soon as I can get there. I’ve already spoken to him and he is willing to re-do it. I will take good care of your “pet” and can’t wait to find the “perfect” mate for him 🙂


  2. Love the frame on your completed RR. Hopefully your fabric will settle down. Otherwise…demand your rights! I love the sparkly fabric too and the cool scroll frame covers. Karen is awesome! Can’t wait to see your next stash haul!


  3. YAY! An update! I love seeing what you’re up to. The chickadee and geisha turned out great and the fairies are gorgeous. What a fun idea to do a Round Robin!


    1. Thank you, Fawn. The Fairies was my first RR and I do think I am addicted. It such a nice way to display a little of each of the lovely designs in a series or theme. And I have loved meeting so many wonderful stitchers that I otherwise may not have ever met as well as wonderful bloggers like you 🙂


  4. Just lovely work Ginny. Yes, I think if you’re not totally happy with the framing right away, it’s worth having it re-done. Hours and hours were spent stitching the piece, so it needs to be right. Looking forward to progress on the SAL.


    1. Thanks Christine. I really hate telling someone that they didn’t do a good job, but you are right. Lots of stitching hours went into that piece not only by me, but 7 other wonderful women and I want the framing to be perfect. I’ve talked to the framer and he is willing to re-do. I just have to get some time to get it back to him. I am getting anxious to start the Mystery SAL. I will post progress 🙂


  5. those fairies are really gorgeous! and that fabric, omg! I just found really cool fabric last week too that was sparkly. It was black with different colored fireworks and the fireworks were all sparkly! ❤


    1. Thank you, Amanda. Unfortunately, the Fairie piece is at the framers for a third time 😦 Actually, the original framer didn’t get it right the first or second time, so I took it to my long time framer to see if she can fix it. I know she can work miracles with my stitching and look forward to getting it back correct. I will never stray again.. Your fireworks fabric sounds awesome. What are you making?


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