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Keeping up with the SAL

I finished block 1 of the Passione Ricamo Mystery Stitch A Long.

block 1 of SAL

One and a half fish and some hair.  Section 2 is due out on July 1, so I am very happy that I am finished section 1.  I’ve seen a sneak peek of section 2 and there is about as much stitching as section 1, so I should be able to keep up with no problem.

I also started Mirabilia’s Siren and the Shipwreck.

Start on Siren and the Shipwreck

She is being stitched on Sunny Dyes Under the Sea in 16ct Aida.  I will have to  take a photo of the  full piece of fabric.   Or you can see it at Sunny Dyes website. The bottom is hand painted.  Love it!  When I saw it I knew it was for Siren.  This scroll frame has my lovely covers that Karen made for me.  Isn’t she a sweetie?  Here is a closer shot of my progress and what she will look like in the end:

close up of Siren start

That is what I have been up to.  Thank you for visiting.

9 thoughts on “Keeping up with the SAL

  1. Ginny, you are just a stitching fool this week! And what lovely projects to work on. I love that you are doing the SAL on a pretty pastel. It looks wonderful on that fabric. Your Siren is going to be drop dead gorgeous too!


  2. Oh my geez Ginny you’ve been busy!! It took me forever to catch up on everything that you’ve been doing and I love seeing all of your work. I’m extremely jealous of all of your fabrics and find myself wanting more for the little collection that I have. I think that all of your works are beauties and want to one day be able to get my really good works professionally framed.

    I’m also wondering where you find your SALs and how you get involved in those. I think that would be awesome to do for when I get burned out on what I’m doing the majority of the time.

    I like your solution for holding the fabric too. I have mine on my rods and lap frame and while it’s not as taut as I would like it’s something I’ve become used to.

    Happy stitching!!


      1. Thank you Miss Marsha. She is going to be a beauty. Wait til you see the next pic of the fabric I am stitching her on. Beautiful!


    1. Thanks K.Marie. I am always busy 🙂 I am looking forward to catching up with you and visiting you again. The SAL that I am participating in is my first. It is Passione Ricamo’s Mystery SAL and you can find it It was originally only open until June 14, but has since be re-opened until July 30. The US cost is about $17 and you will receive a section of the piece by email through-out the months of June-November. Go and check it out. It might be something you want to try.


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