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Hand Dyed Obsession and RR progress

I think the title speaks for the photos.

My fabric storageThis is an under the bed storage box that I have all of my hand dyed fabrics in. I remember when I didn’t have any hand dyes, and now I am obsessed with buying them.  And I have plans for every one 😉  Well, most of them.  Some may be just too pretty to stitch on right now.  But I have them on hand when I need.  I am not a patient person, so waiting for hand dyed fabric to come in the mail is very hard for me.  So now I have a pretty good stash.

some of stephanies fabricsJust some of my  Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.

Silkweaver fabrics

Some from Silkweaver.  Just can’t seem to stay away from their auctions 🙂

PTP fabricsA few from Picture This Plus from last years sale.

Liberty and CalypsoThese are my 2 latest fabrics from Stephanie. On the left is her limited edition Liberty and on the right is Calypso.  Both are 16ct Aida and both are gorgeous!!  Not sure what I am going to put on Liberty, but Calypso is perfect for a mermaid 😉

And here is what I am currently working on.  When I can stay awake that is.  I have been getting up at 5:00 am 4-5 days a week to walk with a friend and it has been really kicking my butt.  Can’t seem to stay awake at night to stitch.  Hence the very little progress.

Geisha on Julies RRThis is going to be Joan Elliott’s Eastern Promise on Julie’s Asian RR. Sorry for the bad photo, but the colors are truly bright and beautiful and Julie’s fabric is a blue sky with a touch of tan here and there.  It’s gorgeous!

That is my update for now.  Thank you for visiting and have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend.

22 thoughts on “Hand Dyed Obsession and RR progress

    1. Hehe. That’s pretty much what I do with them right now. Take the box out, add a new piece, pick up and feel each one and wonder when I will get to stitching on them. It’s a sickness 🙂


      1. No! It’s not a sickness, it is an appreciation of beauty. It’s why when I find some scrapbook paper I really like, I buy lots of it, so I can use it and still have some in my stash. 🙂


      2. Oh yes. I know all about scrapbook paper and embellishments, too 🙂 Not enough time to do all the things we love with all of the stash that we have, hehe.


  1. i love these fabrics! im fairly new to cross stitch and your post has inspired me to explore hand dyed fabrics! they are so pretty! 🙂


    1. Ha! Christine, if only. I’m sure most will still be here when I am gone. I do have a Stitchy friend who will inherit it all 🙂 In the mean time, I had better get stitching, huh?


  2. OMG… I know this is an OLD post but I simply HAVE to comment. I looooove your collection! 😀 Unbelieveable! Sighhh… sooo many pretties! ❤


    1. Thank you Diya. And since this is an old post, my collection has probably doubled since then. I definitely need help, LOL! I think I should do an updated fabby post soon.


      1. Ooo yes! Please please pretty please updated post! 😀 I love peeking at others’ stash 🙂 Lol… If I can’t own them myself at least I can live vicariously through all of you! 😉 🙂


      2. OK. I will take some new pictures this week after I get home from my scrapbooking retreat. It will be fun to look at some fabrics I haven’t seen in a while and fondle them all 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hehe… so I’m not the only one who pulls out fabric stash and strokes them lovingly? 😀 Hope you’re having tons of fun at your retreat! 🙂


      4. I did have fun on the scrapbook retreat and scrapped 45 pages. I posted an updated fabric post for you today 🙂 It was fun fondling all the pretty fabrics and seeing what I had again 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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