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A Butterfly finish and some Goodies

I’m so happy!  I have a finish!  And by today’s deadline for mailing, too!  Yay!  I stitched Joan Elliott’s  Butterfly Fairy on Rachel’s Round Robin.  She turned out lovely!

Butterfly Fairy on Rachel's RRHer hair was a crazy mess and I didn’t think I would ever get it done, but I did and it’s lovely.  Hubby really likes this one and has asked that I stitch in full.  I do believe he said that about the last JE fairy I stitched.  I will add it to my future list of things to do 🙂

Here is the RR in full:

Rachel's RRIt’s a beautiful piece and Rachel is going to love it when she sees it.  So many sparkly beads!  Amazing!

I received this lovely piece of fabric in my mailbox yesterday:

Lunar EclipseIt’s Lunar Eclipse 16 ct Aida by Stephanie. I can’t wait to see what I end up putting on this one.  Though it’s really more green than blue.

I also received these beauties from Silkweaver on Monday:

More Silkweaver stashFrom top to bottom we have: Hocus Pocus 14ct Aida, Spellbound in 18ct Aida which I plan to use for The Gift, Spooky Day Gray in 14ct Aida, Witch’s Brew in 14 ct Aida and Spooky Day Grey in 28ct Lugana.  They are all lovely.

Last night I put a few stitches into Ella after finishing Butterfly Fairy.  It was a nice change.  Especially to work on Aida again.  Well, that’s all for today.  I’d love to hear what you are working on or what goodies you have acquired lately.

6 thoughts on “A Butterfly finish and some Goodies

  1. Just love your Butterfly Fairy. I know that was a difficult one to finish. Your stash is making me drool. Especially the Lunar Eclipse. Those colors are beautiful together!


    1. Thank you Johanna. She turned out lovely. I’d like to do a full JE pattern one day. My stash is making me broke, Ha! LOL. Lunar Eclipse is gorgeous. The picture on my blog reminds me of the earth-lots of water, but mine is really more green. It’s just a beautiful, though.


  2. Ginny, The way you have filled your square is just so special. I hope one day to be involved in a Round Robin of this sort in my stitching group. It’s just fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing. Elizabeth


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. It’s fun stitching small parts of patterns that I may otherwise never get to stitch because my list is so long! And I have had such fun making lots of new stitchy friends. I’ve met my Best Stitchy Friend through a Round Robin. I hope you get to do one soon.


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