Stitchy Gifts

Lots of Stitchy Gifts

I am finally just about over the flu.  I still have a bit of  a lingering cough, but I feel much better.  I want to share some wonderful stitchy gifts I received from wonderful stitchy friends.

First, from my best stitchy friend, Johanna, I received a subscription to Just Cross Stitch Magazine:

Just Cross Stitch magazine

I am hoping to receive this issue in the mail as my first issue, but if not, I can view it on-line.  The subscription also included the last 2 years of digital issues.  So I have been having a lot of fun looking at all the patterns in the back issues.

Next is a beautiful handmade project bag from Karen:

project bag from KarenIt is Beautiful with all those fairy frogs!  I love it!

Next is a gift from a fellow-blogger- Angela over at Pretty Little Things in a Box.

pincushion from Angela

A pretty stitched pincushion and some stitchy supplies all the way from Singapore. What a sweetie.

I also received this wonderful knitting book from Sue:

knitting book from SueIt’s a wonderful book full of great knitting projects. I love the cute hat on the front. The project that really caught my attention is this scarf:

scarf in knitting bookI love how soft and lacy it looks.  I will have to pick up the perfect yarn when I am ready to start a new knit project.

I received these wonderful gifts from a new stitchy friend, Annie:

Stitchy gifts from Annie3 wonderful pixie patterns to add to my collection and a gorgeous froggy scissor fob.  He is so cute and I can’t wait to stitch these Pixies.

This next gift I received from Stitches N Things as part of the stitchers club.  I always look forward to the wonderful gift Deb comes up with for her stitchy club members.

stitchy gift from SNTA beautiful wooden box with the option to add a stitched piece to the center.  I rather like the the Stitches N Things name and logo.  And a miniature thread holder scissor fob.  So cute!  I also received a $10 Gift Certificate for the shop.  And since this month is my birthday month, I will use it when I go on my 25% off shopping spree (also part of the stitchers club rewards).  Can’t wait to shop there!  I already have a list going 🙂

My last stitchy gift is from my wonderful hubby:

yarn shelfHe bought me this shelf for Christmas with the thought that I could put my yarns in it just like a yarn shop.  Isn’t he sweet!  I’ve already added a few yarns that I had in bags here in the house.  The rest of my yarn is in bins out in the garage.  I think this week I will go out to the garage and bring in some of those yarns I haven’t seen in a while.  Maybe it will help me use them up if I can see them 🙂

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.  Thank you for visiting and seeing what I have been up to.  What stitchy gifts did you get for Christmas?

12 thoughts on “Lots of Stitchy Gifts

  1. what wonderful gifts and friends 🙂 your hubby is so sweet and thoughtful, the shelf looks lovely and it will be great for displaying all your yarns. 🙂


    1. Yes, great friends and sweet hubby. I can’t wait to get out in the garage and gather up more yarn. But today is around -40 degrees and I just can’t make myself go out there today. Saturday is supposed to be 36, so that may be the best day 🙂


  2. wow… so many wonderful them all especially the cupboard.. what a smart idea.. it really is handy for all yarn and supplies… it does look like you’ve a little yarn shop in your house.. 😀


    1. Thanks, Angela. I love the pincushion you made. I have some pretty fancy pins in it right now 🙂 The cupboard is pretty awesome. Can’t wait to dig out some of my yarns I haven’t seen in a long time and maybe get inspired to use them.


    1. I still haven’t had a chance to get to my bins in the garage to bring in more yarn for my new shelf. I just love it and can’t wait to see it bursting with yarn 🙂


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