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I See An Angelic Finish Coming

After my first finish for 2014, I picked up a WIP that has been around way too long.  At least a few years.  You may remember her; Angel of Grace? Well here is how she looks now:

progress on Angel of GraceI’m getting really close to a finish.  She certainly is a challenge on that fabric.  It is 28 ct Salmon and Gold Linen Banding.  It is the most uneven fabric I have ever worked on.  The pattern is Angel of Grace by Lorri Birmingham Designs.  I am hoping to finish this by the end of the weekend.  I just have her ruffle to finish and some gold stitching on the right of the dress,  then outlining and some charms, buttons and beads.  I am so happy this one is actually coming to a finish.  It is a gift for someone special and I will by happy to finally have it crossed off of my WIP list.

And because I don’t have enough Mira stash, this is what I purchased on Saturday from Stitches N Things:

Biancabella stashThis month is my birthday, so I went on a birthday month shopping spree.  Shown here is the lovely Biancabella and her bead pack and one of two Waterlilies needed.  The other is on backorder.  I love the colors in Biancabella.  I am thinking of adding a snowflake in her hand instead of the apple.  She is my favorite winter colors, so I think a snowflake will be perfect.  Some day I will get to work on her.    I also ordered a couple of patterns that were not in the shop yet.

So now, back to stitching on Angel of Grace.  What WIP have you had in your stash for a very long time?

11 thoughts on “I See An Angelic Finish Coming

  1. You are almost there! She is looking wonderful. You are probably tired of looking at the Salmon fabric, but I like it! What WIP has been in my stash a long time? Hmmmm. I would have to say the Dreamer. I finished the “fun” part at the top down through her head. Now I’m not sure I’ll ever finish her. Have to pick one of the other 35 WIPs I have to finish (he he).


  2. Thanks, Johanna. I just keep pushing through and I am so glad I did. Well, you did just finish a mermaid that has been in your stash, so that’s good. I would go crazy with 35 WIP’s! I’d have to start picking them off one by one:)


  3. Your Angel of Grace is wonderful!! Apple? Is Biancabella supposed to be Snow White? I really like the idea of a snowflake! Happy Birthday in advance & the month isn’t over for shopping…


    1. Thank you, Marsha. Yes, I believe that Biancabella means white Beauty. But the artist says no and the story on the pattern is a bit different. But I think a snowflake will be awesome. I can shop at the cross stitch shop for 25% off during my birthday month. After all the snow we had, I was so anxious to get out and that is where I went. Might not make it any other time this month. I am happy with my purchase 🙂


    1. Thank you, Christine. I didn’t finish her this weekend like i had hoped, but all of the stitching is done. Now on to the backstitching and embellishing.


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