My Bead Storage

Yesterday a friend asked me how I store my beads for my stitching.  Then I realized I never shared my bead storage.  So, this is how I store my beads for my cross stitch projects:

My bead storageI purchased these boxes at Joann’s.  Each box has 30 little jars inside.  I use circular labels from the office store to label each jar.

my bead storage 3 I currently have 3 boxes full,  with the 4th box just about full.  Here is how they look from the bottom:

My bead storage 2So if I want to add beads to a project by color instead of number,  I can turn the box over and see all the beautiful colors and size of the beads.  It used to be when I purchased a cross stitch pattern, I would buy the fabric, beads, and any specialty threads all at the same time.  A couple of years ago, I realized that I was buying the same color beads over and over.  So I de-kitted everything and started storing my beads like this.  And this is where I keep all of the duplicates:

bead duplicatesSo as you can see, kitting things was not a very good idea for me.  So now I look in my bead box and my duplicate bead box before purchasing any more beads.  Do you have a great storage tip?

6 thoughts on “My Bead Storage

  1. I love seeing posts about organization ideas. I do something similar, although I don’t have NEARLY as many beads as you. Mine are square boxes that will hold probably two normal size packages of Mill Hills. I have two whole large boxes of beads and probably need another. I’m starting to love petite beads, so I think I’m going to have one box for those.


    1. Organization is fun, isn’t it? What is even better is organization that works and doesn’t need to be changed. I love this system I have and it can grow with me 🙂 I’d love to see your bead storage, Johanna.


    1. I have to be organized, or I cannot do anything. Weird, I know. I love the boxes with the little jars. Found them a couple of years ago and they are working for me.


    1. Yes, Lori. Now if I can remember to look in that bin before ordering more that would be great 😉 I too like that the lids screw on. A pull off cap would definitely mean beads everywhere for me, LOL.


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